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Thread: Eternal Champions

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    Congrats, you two are really making me want to give this game another chance.

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    Some other notes:

    After beating the game recently with Slash and then Larcen, I do think the characters are rather unbalanced (not that it's necessarily a bad thing). Slash is effective because of his large reach with his club, which is not vulnerable to being attacked (as it's not part of his body).

    Larcen is more vulnerable, more often, because he is attacking with his body. However, Larcen has a couple crazy moves that might balance out his greater vulnerability. His air-sweep (which is jumping back while shooting his grabbling hook) can be great when close to an opponent. And his Power Sweep (when he uses his grabbling hook to swing across the screen) seems to make him invincible. And his ceiling crawl can get him out of danger. (Not to mention the effectiveness of his ninja star projectile, his grabbling hook projectile, and his crouching strong kick, which slides forward, similar to Sub-Zero's sliding low kick.)

    I just started playing as Xavier and he seems quite overpowered, compared to both Slash and Larcen. Xavier can send out freeze-attacks pretty frequently. The IS used seems variable, and I don't know why, but he can send his freeze attacks pretty frequently anyway.

    Plus his regular strong punch attack is crazy, he throws his spinning staff in front of him, so his basic strong punch is like a huge projectile (which doesn't take Inner Strength). And he also has a nice sliding kick.

    I was also surprised that Xavier can make his opponent morph into a different character! This would be nuts if playing with 2 people. I don't think I've seen this happen when playing against Xavier in 1-player gameplay. This is an example of how there are so many moves packed into this game, that it remains unpredictable and crazy lol.


    EDIT: I got through the game fine with Xavier, but I haven't legit beat the last boss with him yet. (I did use savestates, just to beat him and see his ending text.) I spent hours fighting him, loading a save-state to the start of his match, and I had a blast lol, even though I didn't legitimately beat him yet w/ Xavier. The last boss blocks most of his freeze-attacks. And Xavier's attacks seem to leave him vulnerable a lot. And so apparently his frequent vulnerability is supposed to balance out his rather over-powered attacks.

    (For example, his basic strong punch is that giant spinning-staff attack, which is like a huge projectile, which can hit opponents twice. But if the attack doesn't land, then Xavier is just standing there, ready to be hit.)

    Even though I haven't quite beaten the Eternal Champion, it's very fun fighting him. I'm glad to be able to repeat the fight though, using a save-state to keep starting at the beginning of the match, so I can get better with him.
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