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Thread: Action 52: A Pothole in the Road of Gaming

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    Default Action 52: A Pothole in the Road of Gaming

    Active entertainment is a small game company with only two full titles to its name, one of which is the Action 52 (the other being the unreleased NES title Cheetahman 2). The masterminds behind this game must have thought that if they could create a cartridge with 15x as many games as normal, they'd be millionaires. Considering the results, it would seem like they either A) Hired a group of college programmers to create some basic games or B) Hired ONE man to create every game in his basement. Any of the above options would have probably turned out better than what was released.

    In truth, Active Enterprises contracted FarSight Studios to create their abomination and thus the Action 52 was released in 1991 for both the NES and the Genesis. Read the full article for more details.
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    i got the game from a videostore that was ending genny and snes renting

    at around that time pc cds full of shareware were common
    commander keen and wolfenstein and other stuff

    the game felt like that a big pile of games that weren't complete
    and at least they weren't begging for money on each selection

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