My stuff

Here's some pics of my room and various things I have there.
  1. Most of the consoles I have in my possession, this includes stuff not mine, but a lot is. Not pictured are couple of my Famiclones, some GGs and one...
  2. A nice overview of my MD games
  3. Another super clone I aquired recently for 5USD, with 2 controllers that have turbo buttons, manual and AV out cord :)
  4. Some chips and stuff in my drawer
  5. Like Zebbe, I planned to get myself a Xbox360 too. Its a bit different model than what he has, but still has built in RROD :D 
I got it with the game...
  6. That's how one makes more EPROMs out of 2 !!!
  7. LM2676 in action, taking the part of the poor shitty 7805
  8. A testing setup, when trying to create a workaround to one bug present in sound stuff MD1s
  9. most pic of the inners of my MD2
  10. Nearly all of my games
  11. Most awesome way to play games !!!
  12. Teh Sega Shelf :3
  13. another shot of the PC side of my room
  14. PC side of my room
  15. Consoles !!! 
The wondermega, Xeye, one of the MD1s, MD2, one Nomad, the least yellow SNES are not mine, all else is.
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