Adventures of Tails

Tails gets everywhere :P
  1. Tails can decode VideoCDs now :3
  2. Tails is being blast processed !!!
  3. Tails the two tailed audiophile :P
  4. Tails drinks all my sweet tea :(
  5. Tails The Allmighty Floppy-Disk-Man !!!!!!!!
  6. Tails loves candy, Tails goes crazy for candy :3
  7. Tails knows what music is good :3
  8. Tails wants to see the world upside down...
  9. Tails is feeling very sexy :3
  10. Tails is playing tarzan in the controller jungle :)
  11. Tails has conqured the pile of broken laptops
  12. Tails enjoys the heights of retro gaming :3
  13. Tails Mails - the best mailing system evar !!!
  14. Tails is feeling forking secure now :P
  15. With this, Tails can fly much longer :)
  16. Life of a spy is not easy, Tails does all not to be seen... apparently he missed "how not to be seen" in Monty Phyton...
  17. Tails is exploring dangerous heights
  18. When Tails eats all this porridge, he can become Hyper Tails with no need for emeralds at all :D
  19. Tails is showcasing my Sega Shelf :D
  20. Tails is presenting everyone the mighty Nomad
  21. Tails is hiding form hunters because they want to shoot him down and skin him !!!
  22. Tails being incredibly adorable
  23. Tails is testing the awesomness of my PC speakers
  24. Tails makes a phonecall
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