Console circuit boards

High res shots of different SEGA consoles for future reference. I'm sure someone will be able to find them useful. If you need higher res versions, contact me. I have the original 4000x3000 versions with less compression.
  1. Model 2 VA1 bottom
  2. Model 2 VA1 top
  3. Model 2 VA0 bottom
  4. Model 2 VA0 top
  5. Game gear VA1 (USA model) Original caps still work fine
  6. Genesis VA2.3 NTSC-U/C bottom
  7. Genesis VA2.3 NTSC-U/C top
  8. Model 3 VA1 top
  9. Model 3 VA1 bottom
  10. Master system top (Early USA model)
  11. Master system bottom (Early USA model)
  12. VA7 NTSC Genesis top
  13. VA7 NTSC Genesis bottom
  14. Bottom of a VA6.5 NTSC-U/C model 1
  15. Top of a VA6.5 NTSC-U/C model 1
  16. SEGA CD NTSC model 2
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