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Collection of pics from MD, and some other circuits
  1. Sonic in technicolor?? Nope it's some pins of the digital output from the VDP conected to the RGB lines
  2. 262144bytes of MEGAPOWER (ram) !!!, It's true, I'm not faking it... Thats the amount of memory installed on my MD.
  3. A recent mod I did to my MD... I trashed the 7805s and placed this switching regulator, and added a Graetz bridge on the jack input... Now the MD...
  4. Unrelated MD stuff, there is a FPGA + SDRAM + VFD driver at the back...
  5. Well this is an old pic of my MD with a UV eprom attached to it..
  6. My Dram cart... Doesn't work, and I didn't care anymore to fix it... Motivation, where are you? 
Update0: 16MHz is maybe too slow for this,...
  7. Beat this! I mean lower points. 
A clue: you need at least... 
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