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  1. Your favorite Sega-CD game?
  2. Homebrew?
  3. FVM
  4. Mega CD Games: Got Any?
  5. System sex appeal
  7. which system should i get?
  8. The BEST! [Genre discussion]
  9. Converter carts: Anyone have 'em?
  10. Burning/loading SegaCD backups
  11. Storing Sega Cd's
  12. Dungeon Explorer
  13. Eternal Champions
  14. Sequel to El Viento?
  15. Which Games Require the RAM Cart?
  16. Sound and colour
  17. Sega CD Model 1
  18. I need your help!
  19. Star Wars Rebel Assault
  20. Sonic CD, Yay, or Nay, or just Vay!
  21. How do you describe the Sega CD to n00bz?
  22. CDX or X'Eye?
  23. RAM Cart... worth it?
  24. 3x3 eyes translation
  25. Wonder Dog: A forgotten gem!
  26. Bari Arm(Android Assault) Rocks!
  27. JVC X'eye: worth it?
  28. What the devil is Puggsy?
  29. I just bought Snatcher.
  30. Sega CD Grounding Plate
  31. Am I Doing Something Wrong or is it Just Broken?
  32. Translating imports
  33. Batman Returns or Adventures of Batman & Robin?
  34. Ground Zero Texas
  35. Digital Pictures
  36. Space Adventure and Hedba City
  37. Joe Montana's NFL Football
  38. Why are the Model 1 units hard to find?
  39. Why did Sega put FMV capablities in the Sega CD?
  40. Dungeon Explorer, Mega CD, price check (PAL)
  41. CD-X and JP carts
  42. I got a Sega CD that works!!!
  43. How do you play this thing?
  44. sega cd backup ram cart question
  45. Power Base Converter compatibility?
  46. Best setup?
  47. Crazy Rare Releases?
  48. Best executed genre
  49. Robo Aleste question
  50. Hard Yardage
  51. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  52. Night Trap
  53. SEGA Multi Mega built in RAM
  54. Sega-CD vs. Mega-CD music?
  55. How to repair a Model 1 Sega CD?
  56. Sega CDX lovin'
  57. Mega CD Shadow Run translation on the works!
  58. Official Penn & Teller game materials found
  59. Burning Fists: Force Striker for Sega CD ready for Launch!
  60. The Lunar Debate
  61. Terminator 2
  62. Radical Rex
  63. PANIC!! Sega CD (Acid Trip or Really bad hang over?)
  64. The Misadventures of Flink
  65. Possible Illusion City Translation? Yes Please!
  66. Got a Sega CD!
  67. review for Burning fists: Force Striker
  68. Any way to cheat when using sega cd?
  69. difference between some stuff...
  70. Rebel Assualt
  71. Shadow Run Sega CD
  72. European Games Releases
  73. I am now entering the Mega CD fold!
  74. Just got a deal on Ebay
  75. Sega CD Not working...
  76. Genesis/Sega CD Colours on Screen Per Wikipedia
  77. Which music do you perfer from both regions of Sonic cd.
  78. I'm so sad...
  79. Eternal Champions gif Fatalities
  80. SCORE
  81. COst
  82. I seem to be the only one...
  83. Is my Sega CD broken
  84. Hello! CDXers?
  85. sega cd model 1 HELP!
  86. Sonic CD Japan
  87. My Sega CD impressions.
  88. A couple of Sega CD questions
  89. Sega CD help...
  90. Megacart, the ultimate utility cart for your segacd/megacd
  91. Lunar 2 Save Files
  92. Is it worth it?
  93. Homebrews/Demos
  94. No nutcracker for Johnny Cage?
  95. The Unaskable Question
  96. The Secret of Monkey Island
  97. Sega CD setups
  98. Hook
  99. Sega CD Model 2 Backup Memory
  100. The Must Haves
  101. Working Model 1 roll call!
  102. Your Mega-CD / Sega CD BIOS
  103. Sega CD Stereo Query
  104. Sega CD: Mini-reviews
  105. Sega CD
  106. Surgical Strike?
  107. Lunar: The Silver Star not working on Sega CD 2???
  108. Problem with sega cd model 2
  109. Silpheed and CDX?
  110. cd help wanted please. newbie!
  111. Sega CD playing Mega CD games?
  112. Robo Aleste (PAL)
  113. Heart of the Alian / Out of this World Problem
  114. Sherlock Holmes compatibility on Model 2
  115. Shining Force CD Question
  116. Wanted: Cheats for Stablade
  117. semi-working sega cd
  118. Lunar Silver Star question
  119. Sega Multimega / CDX System
  120. PalmTree Panic(Present) Jap or U.S.?
  121. Sonic CD:Neat Tricks (or bugs).
  122. Sonic CD:Boss music!
  123. Is it possible to change the region bios in a cdx ?
  124. woah, was this normal?
  125. Night Trap: The Movie!
  126. move TO Sega CD?
  127. DATEL CDX Cart compatability.
  128. Stardust Speedway Boss
  129. MEGA CD 2 Broken???
  130. should I review it?
  131. Sega CD 2 question
  132. Sega CD game suggestions
  133. Running us game on a pal mcd
  134. Mega CD - Where to buy seperately from the Mega Drive/Genesis?
  135. games without redbook
  136. sonic CD level design flaws?
  137. Sega CD bug
  138. Sega Multi Mega CDR Problem (CDX)
  139. Was that Ram cart thing released in the UK?
  140. Help! Stuck on Snatcher
  141. Sega CDX Strange Interference?
  142. what is up with Snatcher?
  143. Mask of Destiny's Transfer Suite
  144. Misc. Mega-CD stuff
  145. Adventures of Batman of Robin, Extremely priced
  146. sonic CD ending hints Knuckles Chaotix?
  147. 2 player on Golden Axe, Classics arcade collection version
  148. Sega CD makes loud scratching noise???
  149. SID player for Sega CD?
  150. Sega CDX memory manager?
  151. Marko?
  152. Nostalgia 1907
  153. Sega CD games on Gens emulator...
  154. Differences in jvc systems
  155. I need a guide... for a guide
  156. Sega CD vs 32X
  157. Japanese S-CD Games
  158. Is it possible to burn a copy of a game with different music?
  159. Crazy bidding on Sega CD system
  160. Dracula Unleashed
  161. Earthworm Jim Special Edition
  162. Sega CDX
  163. Make my Video
  164. New CD based games
  165. The "READY" Light
  166. Wowa weewa!
  167. Shadowrun on emulators
  168. FMV on Pal and NTSC
  169. Absolute Essential Jp MCD Games
  170. AVGN on Sega CD
  171. Soul Star
  172. Prince of Persia
  173. Sega CD 2 for $30?
  174. Sega CD - Scaling and Rotation
  175. Games that should've been on the Sega CD.
  176. The Terminator
  177. Demolition Man
  178. Saved!
  179. What game is this?
  180. Fair price for Sega Cd plus Lunar the Silver Star and EarthWorm Jim SE?
  181. Heart of the Alien - Out of this World 1 and 2
  182. Jaguar XJ220!
  183. The ever so sexy Mika Slayton
  184. Anyone got a walkthrough for "The Space Adventure"?
  185. First widescreen game ever? World Cup USA '94
  186. Snatcher IS amazing but...
  187. Good Sega CD PCM music
  188. Super Strike Trilogy - does it exist?
  189. Well, I just ordered "Popful Mail" online.
  190. Kids On Site (LMAO!)
  191. Where to find Lethal Enforcers script dump.
  192. sega CD model 1 restting
  193. Lethal Enforcers or Lethal Enforcers II - Gunfighters!!!!!
  194. How do you land in Wing Commander?
  195. Mortal Kombat 1 sega CD Question!
  196. Sega CD Cue Maker
  197. Bloodshot
  199. About to try Willy Beamish again ... tech question
  200. Teddy Boy Blues?
  201. Fps on sega cd
  202. CD System Lacking...
  203. flux w/ external audio
  204. Case blues
  205. JVC X'Eye, battery door
  206. Playing imports on Sega CD
  207. CD Player
  208. Why no Sonic compilation on SCD?
  209. Funky Horror Band
  210. Secret of Money Island and saves
  211. The Terminator on different Sega CD models
  212. FMV and Sega
  213. Best Sega CD/Genesis combo?
  214. Super VDP for SegaCD
  215. Core Design
  216. Sega CD Question
  217. SPACE ACE!
  218. Probaby because it's late, but i'll ask anyway...
  219. Sega CD at a party!
  220. lockups
  221. Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
  222. Virtua Racing/Shooters
  223. I'm having trouble burning Sega CD games.
  224. You know what Sega should have done with the CD system?
  225. whats your wish
  226. Sega CD audio waveforms (graphical comparison)
  227. MEGA AWESOME interview with Sega CD developer
  228. Is Popful Mail worth it?
  229. Sega Classics 4-in1/5-in-1 Cartridge vs CD
  230. What are the odds of the Sega CD coming to the Wii VC?
  231. Smackdown vs Raw 2008
  232. Poll: What's your favorite FMV game?
  233. How essential is the Konami Justifier?
  234. Space Adventure
  235. Favorite shoot-em-ups on Sega CD
  236. Your favorite Sega CD commercial?
  237. Sega CD dev kit system found on ebay
  238. Ripping music files off Sega CDs
  239. Just Got a New Sega CD, Need Advice
  240. How to play Japanese games on my Sega CD.
  241. Heart of the Alien, Sega CD (Delphine)
  242. Mortal Kombat
  243. Rise of the Dragon...awesome!
  244. Fitting a Mega-CD 2 to a model 1 Megadrive?
  245. Rami Nana-Hikari age in Keio Flying Squardren.
  246. Sega CD Door Wont Stay Closed
  247. MD emulator on MCD, possible?
  248. Struck Gold Today New Genesis + Sega CD
  249. Payback port ... worth a blast heh
  250. Another World Vs. Heart of the Alien