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  1. Getting a 32X again! My love/hate relationship
  2. Anyone willing to review some games?
  3. Sega-Neptune
  4. Can't contain excitement... must spew!
  5. Knuckles Chaotix
  6. Is the Power Base Converter compatible with the 32X?
  7. How can I play import 32x games like Darxide on a US 32x?
  8. Night Trap
  9. 32X: Yay or nay?
  10. Was there ever plans...
  11. The Biggest reason you bought this?
  12. Where can I find a 32X?
  13. 32X vs. 3DO vs. Jaguar
  14. Okay, question and answer time... >_>
  15. Why wasn't Outrun and other arcade classics ported?
  16. Conversion cable
  17. Is 32X compatible with Laseractive?
  18. 32X Mega Memory
  19. 32X slogan
  20. 32X Lock-On Cart?
  21. 2 32X game prices
  22. That damn CDX spacer that never was released...
  23. S-video with the 32X?
  24. Was sonic & Knuckles ever concidered for the 32X?
  25. 32x success if the Saturn was delayed
  26. Best 32X games?
  27. Parasquad
  28. Wow. I just got lucky.
  29. My 32X plans...
  30. Now we shall proceed to eat our hearts out.
  31. Is T-Mek any good?
  32. What did you want to see on the 32X?
  33. Virtua Fighter question...
  34. Can someone help me with Zaxxon's last boss?
  35. Uhm...hello?
  36. Primal Rage 32X
  37. Pitfall 32X
  38. Okay, so in my search of peer affirmation...
  39. The 32X part of 32X...
  40. Metal Head codes?
  41. What wires does a 32x need? Are they easy to get?
  42. spacer and rf question...
  43. Revisit: 32X
  44. Now my Sega Experience is Complete! Just picked up a 32x
  45. Why is Doom STILL not up?
  46. Music Gripes.
  47. Music Gripes.
  48. Anyone else have B.C. Racers technical difficulties?
  49. Your 32X Game Opinion
  50. 32X Sidechip - what is it?
  51. 32X! The weird noise!
  52. Complete Zyrinx 32X Tech demo!
  53. 32x---Should I Pick One Up
  54. Shadow Squadron is AWESOME!!!
  55. 32X into CDX
  56. Metal head review
  57. 32x region compatibilty
  58. Ebay 32x recently ended
  59. Afterbuner 32x and Afterburner II (JAP Sega Saturn)
  60. NO Electromagnetic Shield Plates!
  61. Where can I find a 32x?
  63. 32x Woes!
  64. VF 32x
  65. What are these parts for????
  66. Will there ever be a 32X emulator for OS X?
  67. PAL mod an NTSC 32X
  68. What could have been...
  69. FIFA 96
  70. Pin this please! Genesis 1 to 32X cables for sale!
  71. 32X cartridge slot
  72. the "adapter"
  73. Where to get electromagnetic sheild plates?
  74. What will the 32x let through?
  75. 32X prices in 1997
  76. 32x Weird Problem
  77. Yet Another 32X Region Question (Different Though)
  78. 32X Emulator?
  79. 32X Games List
  80. Kolibri for the PC
  81. 32X Compatibility
  82. Save money with 32X
  83. NES, SNES & Saturn Games redone on the 32X
  84. 32X dual monitoring
  85. Jap 32X with Knuckles Chaotix
  86. 32X Dual Monitoring Theory
  87. AVGN on the 32X
  88. US Chaotix on PAL 32X?
  89. Pointless 32x Mod Question
  90. Best 32x Game To Buy
  91. What's the best hummingbird-based shooter realeased for the 32X?
  92. 32X Promotional Video
  93. How would the 32X have fared as a stand-alone console?
  94. 32X PWM sound
  95. sega 32x connection
  96. Happy 13th Birthday 32X???
  97. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
  98. A Little Help: Link to that Home-Made Neptune.
  99. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  100. Sega Neptune....the long lost treasure
  101. Could the 32X have handled "Power Drift"?
  102. Tempo: The Franchise?
  103. Neptune - Reborn
  104. Web of Fire!!!!!! Wow.
  105. Why didn't Shadow Dancer (Arcade version) come to the 32X?
  106. Sega 32x Advanced Hardware Demo
  107. Bought a new copy of "Primal Rage" 32X for $10!!!
  108. 32x question?
  109. chaotix bonus stage pics
  110. 32x Hookups?
  111. 32x RGB...
  112. 32x makes noise??
  113. All US release 32x games in one place, all complete
  114. To 32X or not to 32X? That is the question
  115. 32X AC adapter...can I use a CDX adapter?
  116. Just got a 32X!!
  117. 32X Cover Project-I need artwork
  118. When and where did you get your 32x?
  119. Sega Genesis 1 to 32X "DIN" adapter
  120. I have the Genesis One adapter cable if anyone wants it...free
  121. Q-sound
  122. Looking for a list of PAL 32X Games
  123. 32X cables explained (with pictures)
  124. Lucky Cat?
  125. Power Base Converter on 32X?
  126. OMG - If it's not one thing it's another...
  127. Primal Rage Ebay Pricing...
  128. Yay, got my 32X all hooked up!
  129. The Sega Genesis + CD + 32X is more advanced than every other game system (video)
  130. new 32x games
  131. Mega Drive 32X Spacers Help!
  132. MD Games incompatabile with 32X?
  133. Best setup question
  134. anybody know much about region compatibility on the 32x with modded megadrives ?
  135. Old "tentative" list of released/unreleased 32X games and their MSRP
  136. modding 32x hz output
  137. 2 16-bit CPUs vs 1 32-bit CPUs
  138. 32X Love
  139. Look what I found
  140. BOOYAH!
  141. DarXide...anybody play it?
  142. A possible new project.
  143. Complete 32X Library
  144. Is It True?
  145. What Was Your Response When You Got a Sega 32X?
  146. picked up another 32x...
  147. List of Homebrew Games?
  148. Doom 32X Beta
  149. Metal Slug: Possible on 32X?
  150. How Rare is a Sega 32X CD Game?
  151. A 32x is on it's way but...
  152. 3 sega cd 32x games sealed with spins on ebay
  153. when videogames went wrong
  154. T-Mek PAL exists! Digitpress needs updating
  155. 32X problem. 60% carts not loading
  156. Ace's "Neptunizing" progress thread
  157. Super 32X Promotional Video
  158. So what is there left to talk about?
  159. Gamegear possible on 32X
  160. Green picture
  161. FPS Game & other Games
  162. Two 32X games I just bought.
  163. Darxide
  164. T-MEK
  165. Sonic 1 Level Select
  166. Cheats in Darxide?
  167. RBI Baseball 95 32X
  168. What are the good 32X games?
  169. GBA vs. 32X which is more powerful?
  170. Ebay outrageousness!
  171. Has anyone made a "32x'eye" (aka neptunized X'eye)
  172. Giving the 32X a Second Chance
  173. Are complete 32X units rare nowadays?
  174. What would you honestly pay for Fifa 96?
  175. MEG POWER!!
  176. My 32X
  177. Neptune instead of Saturn?
  178. Can anyone on these boards stand Supreme Warrior?
  179. 32X does what Nintendoes
  180. Star Wars Arcade
  181. Would you say that the 32x is actually a better add-on than the SegaCD?
  182. Wolf3D on 32X !!!
  183. Wolf32X - now at alpha 3!
  184. This might sound ridiculous, but...
  185. What cables do i need
  186. Differences between 32x cart and 32x CD
  187. Build your own Neptune!
  188. Why didn't Sega bother porting System 32 games to the 32X?
  189. Anybody ever see the 32X tech demo?
  190. RBI 1995 for 32x
  191. plastic 32X cases from the factory?
  192. The 32x make my Genesis games actually not look like crap on my HDTV
  193. CDX-32X
  194. Does having 32x on top of ur Genesis along with the SCD make the graphics better?
  195. kolibri
  196. Doom 32X vs PC
  197. CD games that work with and without 32x
  198. PAL 32X with NTSC Knuckles Chaotix
  199. Sega says: Buy a 32x and you're fucked, you little degenerate !
  200. pal megadrive genesis 32x and it works!
  201. Why is DarXide so rare?
  202. Capcom CPS2 Port
  203. X-Men 32x
  204. Sonic 2 Special Edition! for the 32xCD
  205. 32x video pass-through?
  206. Debugger found in Tempo 32x
  207. SegaSaturno releasing 32X unreleased goodness
  208. 32x Divx or VCD player?
  209. What is the 32X VDP capable of?
  210. Just got the bad ending in Knuckles Chaotix today...
  211. X-Men unreleased goodness now released by SegaSaturno
  212. A Badass Find!
  213. 32x Price Hike On the Bay
  214. Cable confusion - what do I still need?
  215. Corpse Killer 32X?
  216. Overclock a 32x?
  217. Where to buy 32x jumper cables?
  218. Unreleased Soul Star for 32X on eBay!
  219. Can you break the glass in 32X NBA Jam TE??
  220. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
  221. So I now have a 32X
  222. Just to show you how crazy us Aussies are....
  223. Do you think the 32x would have lasted longer if...
  224. Web Browser
  225. Is it possible to create a smaller 32x these days?
  226. System Shock 32X?
  227. Anybody here have a complete 32X collection?
  228. Metal Head
  229. Your biggest 32X disappointment?
  230. is it worth it?
  231. Is it at all possible to....?
  232. should i get a 32x ?
  233. Genesis games that would have benefitted from the 32X?
  234. 32X games recommendation?
  235. 32X fuzzy Picture
  237. 32X collections - Where are they now?
  238. Sega 32X CD boxes
  239. Majesco re-releases on 32X??
  240. Questions
  241. Misprinted labels
  242. Not for Resale
  243. General 32X collecting
  244. Your favorite 32x game?
  245. Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000
  246. Sega marketing was good.....
  247. 32X does it supercede the Genesis when it comes to outs?
  248. Alone in the Dark
  249. Composite video quality of the 32X??
  250. Spiders in 32x cart