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  1. "Electronic Gaming Monthly" is back.....jack!!!
  2. Mega Man: The Movie (it doesn't suck!)
  3. Saturn must have games?
  4. Has anyone tried this out(Classic Controller usb adapter)?
  5. Sonic Music CD
  6. PS2 games you would buy if they weren't import/too expensive (NO RPGS/Strategy!)
  7. Price check: SEGA CDX and game lot
  8. Question about some Japanese Saturn titles: English friendly?
  9. Nintendo: Apple is the 'enemy of the future'
  10. An influx of Sega stuff on my local CL!
  11. One quarter of "Humble Indie Bundle"-downloads was pirated
  12. Grand Turismo 3
  13. N8 or N900?
  14. Metal Gear Solid Rising
  15. EA Sports to charge used game buyers $10 to unlock basic online multiplayer!
  16. Loaded Cartridge
  17. Good Multiplayer Saturn Games?
  18. Systems that you have lost over the years.
  19. 240 hz VS. 120 hz (TV for Gaming)
  20. Steam comes to Mac, Portal Free on PC/Mac
  21. Alex kidd games
  22. Craigslist (That's Not Legal!!!)
  23. dots on a disk.. anyone know how to tell if a disk is resurfaced?
  24. Polygon rendering: Quads vs Triangles
  25. Honcam Fighting Stick (PS2/PS3/PC)
  26. My endeavor in the RPG making thing.
  27. PS2 game library vs. PSOne
  28. Great Genesis deal!
  29. Looking for a Saturn game
  30. A "fun" Sonic the Hedgehog story
  31. protection plans for psp and ps3
  32. Tales of the galactically stupid.......
  33. 15 Firsts In Video Game History
  34. Japanese Megadrive magazines
  35. Premium PSN to Cost under $70
  36. Mega Man Movie, Interview
  37. Mortal Kombat (Trilogy) & (4) which Ports are best/ideal, guys?
  38. PS2 Ico (is this game any good) - adventure game
  39. Twin Galaxies
  40. What? No one is discussing Bound High for Virtual Boy?
  41. RetroN3 Wireless Console Clone
  42. Has anyone used the Tomee NES dogbone controller?
  43. Swapped Carts... Has this happened to you?
  44. 360 games not on the PC.
  45. Hooking up an Atari Jaguar.
  46. Strange PS2 Fat
  47. Tetris Dubstep track... best one imo
  48. err nes door?
  49. ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (Dallas, TX Gaming Event)
  50. What games are you most looking forward to?
  51. "I bought/am buying this console because..."
  52. dreamcast VGA/Monitor question
  53. E3 2010
  54. Happy Birthday Pac-Man!
  55. Your first game of these consoles
  56. RetroGamingRoundup May 2010 Podcast Now Available - 5+ hours of gaming goodness!
  57. Game Collecting - Curse or Pleasure
  58. Sega Vision
  59. PS1 - Nuclear Strike (I'm about to pull my freaking hair out...)
  60. Just bought Sonic 2 for my mobile
  61. To YOU America...
  62. Playstation Naming Conventions
  63. New Shmups...
  64. Saturn and PS1 on HDTV with S-Video
  65. U.S. Supreme Court Kills EA/NFL Exclusivity Deal?
  66. So I bought Sonic Rivals 2 today
  67. Manhunt 2 PS2 -doing away with the Censoring... how/possible?
  68. Proper cables for older systems?
  69. video switcher
  70. 5 reasons it's still not cool.. Cracked.com
  71. Insomniac Goes Multiplatform (360/PS3)
  72. Have we reached our Ultimate Resolution...
  73. Anyone here ready for E3 2010
  74. Painted NES
  75. 3D Saturn Controller
  76. Sonic Colors
  77. The Versus Topic
  78. The Shotty is back..GOW2 update
  79. Atari Flashback 2 and Sega Saturn
  80. Silent Hill 1 (playing on a PS2 9000 series)
  81. Sega Saturn
  82. Ecco Defender of the Future
  83. I've been looking around my house and...
  84. Radica and Jakks Pacific
  85. Old vs New: First Person Shooters
  86. How good is Golden Sun 1(GBA)
  87. SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color games for sale or trade
  88. Sonic 4
  89. ML2032 battery with a Saturn?
  90. Grandtheftendo Update
  91. GBA/GG TV Tuner
  92. quick x box hdmi + optical question
  93. Wireless router for xbox
  94. Yamaha Chips: YM2612 vs OPL2
  95. Earthworm Jim HD - XBLA - Game Trailer
  96. I'm gonna recommend a game here
  97. What would you want if there were another Genesis compilation?
  98. SEGA, where is Daytona USA 2 for home?
  99. Super Street Figher 2
  100. Strangest/Weirdest Games Ever?
  101. What great games did you discover late in the game?
  102. Stop motion nes games
  103. New Contra game(sort of)
  104. Playing Game Boy games on a TV
  105. Is the commercial for BLUR a diss on Nintendo and oldschool games in general?
  106. are all ps3 controllers this loose?
  107. PS2 game is making my PS2 hum
  108. anyone else's ps3 get really loud sometimes?
  109. Tired of Killing Real People? Get a 360!
  110. Playstation RGB?
  111. action replay for saturn?
  112. Mortal Kombat New Movie Trailer or Game Trailer?!!
  113. Games that used to be fun?
  114. Brazilian Man Holds Woman Hostage with Sega Light Phaser
  115. Sega Action Chair
  116. New Back To The Future and Jurassic Park Games!
  117. Game systems made with flash drive games
  118. resident evil code veronica case question
  119. Finally, 'real' guitars for Rock Band
  120. Question about import consoles.....
  121. What's up with Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat
  122. So, I bought a Japanese Saturn for $1.25...
  123. Darius Multi-Screen Setup at Home
  124. Help Identifying Import PC Engine Games...
  125. anybody on xbox live?
  126. If you could only play..
  127. Build your own Atari Jaguar!
  128. Shinobi Vs. Ninja Gaiden
  129. So, Kenichiro Imaizumi was on a ustream today...
  130. What is Sega up to now..
  131. my first gaming video on youtube
  132. Got some new games...
  133. USB Pads
  134. PS2 - redoing it... is it possible?
  135. Fallout - yeah, the Original
  136. a DIY 32-bit game console for the price of a latte
  137. Spit/Second
  138. GBA repro carts
  139. new sega rumors?
  140. Brian Provinciano Contacted Me!
  141. Review: John Madden Football(ms dos original)
  142. Sonic Rush- any good?
  143. Don't copy that floopy??
  144. Anyone going to California Extreme next month?
  145. GoldenEye on Wii announced
  146. Anyone watching E3?
  147. What games work with the Saturn mouse?
  148. Sony's victims
  149. Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure on Xbox Live and PSN
  150. N64 - am I missing anything "definitive" from this List???
  151. Start the Sonic Cycle up again...
  152. Anyone know why knuckles chaotix wasn't on Sonic Gems Collection (GC)
  153. Alan Wake
  154. Sonic On Neo Geo Pocket Color
  155. Should Sonic 4-Ep 1 have, at least, an Unlockable, Playable, 16-bit Sonic Sprite?
  156. Wireless System's
  157. Wow, you find something new every day(Dragon Quest related).
  158. Hmm, should I bother with Master System games?
  159. Anyone ever play Ghost Sweeper Mikami? Super Famicom/PCE
  160. How long should systems last?
  161. Metroid Prime Trilogy
  162. X-Files season 3, episode 3
  163. is it worth getting a wii
  164. Best Hack You've Ever Played?
  165. 3DS Game Ideas
  166. Street Fighter 3 MAME
  167. X-Box Live Arcade Indy Games
  168. Looking for Tyco Power Plug manuals
  169. Who else likes to torture themselves?
  170. OMF 2097 Cabinet (future project)
  171. Hori Aracde Sticks
  172. You call that an Original NES??!!
  173. Extreme G and Top Gear OST
  174. Who do you main?
  175. War for Cybertron.....
  176. I just got a Vidpro display Card for a Virtual Boy game.
  177. Get the jump on the Playstation 2
  178. Moving with your collection
  179. Happy Birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog
  180. N64 Castlevania (I was supposed to get the 'Legacy of Darkness' version)
  181. Things that annoy you in 16-bit games
  182. Problem with the settings in my Saturn
  183. DC-Direct Pearl Blue Dreamcast - Value?
  184. XBox 360 Live Arcade (gamelist)
  185. GP2XStore.com - Consumer Alert - DO NOT ORDER FROM THERE!
  186. Videogame Violinist: Mario
  187. There's a giant steam sale going on atm
  188. 1UP Shame Night is on!
  189. Duke Nukem Forever supposedly cleared for release
  191. The Best Handheld of All Time! (Specific Models/Colors Included)
  192. Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas
  193. Clear Box Protectors....
  194. Which PSP model is the best?
  195. How reliable are dreamcasts?
  196. Super NES Home Run Derby
  197. I miss arcades.....
  198. Cartridges Vs. CD's
  199. custom NES
  200. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
  201. New CRT Test (Big Images)
  202. Your video game mascot idea?
  203. Region Modding a PS2
  204. GamesMaster
  205. is this a disk rot problem?
  206. Which dreamcast VGA box to buy?
  207. Whats your favorite controllers for the GEN/SNES?
  208. Should i pre order the Playstation Move?
  209. Dreamcast Help
  210. Could cartridges make a comeback in modern VG systems?
  211. 8-bit sound chips
  212. What's you opinion on the fate for Video Game-generations?
  213. has anyone bought a xbox 360 slim yet?
  214. Saturn RAM
  215. Stand-Out 360 Games?
  216. Sega Saturn Archive Possibly Coming To Xbox Live & PS3 ‎
  217. What the hell is this garbage?
  218. Dreamcast Capcom Mega Man Shooter
  219. Hoshigami is such an underrated game.
  220. Pokemon GBA Carts
  221. Samsung Q1: Possible viable portable emulation unit?
  222. Using the NES Zapper on an AV Famicom
  223. What next-gen Console/Handheld will you buy at launch?
  224. Dreamcast Reset Problem
  225. SEGA Nerds
  226. Dual system?
  227. System Wars (Genesis VS. SNES) - Part 1
  228. All-time Favorite Sega system?
  229. System Wars (Genesis VS. SNES) - Part 2
  230. System Wars (Genesis VS. NES) - Part 3
  231. Gamers and Players
  232. A.. well... LITTLE mishap on the XS Games website
  233. Please help!!!
  234. Your Comfort Games
  235. System Wars (Mega Drive vs. PC Engine) - part 4
  236. Dragon Quest IX
  237. Classic Video Game Homerun Derby, including sega cd and 32x
  238. PS3 Junk?
  239. Zone Sega and e-Time
  240. Dear Sega Gamers and Friends
  241. How are the generic S-video cables on ebay?
  242. Anyone tried the pxp 2000 clone ?
  243. Artwork help.
  244. Attn Tech Heads in regards to the SS 4MB ram cart.
  245. Xbox 360 Deal of the Week
  246. How old does a console have to be to become "Vintage?"
  247. sony making a new console
  248. I just got the Lawson Limited Deluxe Pack of Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis(big pics)
  249. Guru Larry Lost Everything
  250. System Wars (PS2 VS. Genesis) - Part 5