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  1. see whats inside a ps4 with
  2. Treasure to release original title on Steam.
  3. Most effeminate game you've ever played?
  4. I spotted EarthBound at GameStop!
  5. Top 10 Square/Enix PSX games
  6. Microsoft bitching thread
  7. The Playstation Thread
  8. Printing out good quality Genesis clamshell covers
  9. New Sonic game in the works for Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4.
  10. Shinobi vs Ninja Gaiden
  11. Best "shmup" system, DC, TG16, other
  12. New Vintage Arcade Cantina (Saloon) Crowd Funder on IndieGogo.com
  13. Best "shmup" system, DC, TG16, other
  14. Beating games with the worst character choices?
  15. Non WWE/F wrestling games
  16. Possibility of Nintendo Android and iphone games
  17. Myopia Treatment: Playstation 2 Graphics Evaluation Poll
  18. JAWS games
  19. Street Fighter II: An Oral History
  20. SNES Emulation
  21. SNES prices: will they be going down or staying for a while?
  22. "Sonic Boom" New animated series + Wii U game.
  23. Sonic Boom
  24. Sega: Future Remakes Depend On The Fans
  25. Sonic Gems Collection question
  26. Advice Needed: What USB steering wheels work with the Model 2 emulator?
  27. Amazon.com Game Console
  28. I Have Lost The Will To Play Video Games
  29. Best Beat-Em-Up Series?
  30. Watch_Dogs is ending up like Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U.
  31. Where did the term "Sega Vision" come from?
  32. This week on Creepy Japanese Games
  33. wb montreal prioritised DLC over game breaking bugs
  34. Ports that most dislike but you prefer?
  35. Sewer Shark's developer passed away.
  36. jaguar cd question
  37. Koichi Sugiyama: Game music composer and right-wing nationalist
  38. Teacher of British school warns parents for bad parenting (buying their kids GTAV)
  39. Outerlands ( a documentary series about gaming culture)
  40. Nintendo Direct Tomorrow: About Spring 2014 games for 3DS and Wii U
  41. Hideki Kamiya is playing Space Harrier on a 32x-Wondermega combo.
  42. New shining game on wii u
  43. I just reunited a game with its original manual. Effing scalpers, dudes.
  44. Games with 3D graphics running at 60 fps - 5th Generation Consoles
  45. Various Adaptations Of Vidya
  46. Best review of Tyrian ever
  47. Dungeon Keeper
  48. Steel Diver: Sub Wars | Free-2-Play SP & MP | 4 vs 4 First Person Submarine | DIVE!
  49. Outlast for PS4
  50. Narcissus and the Super Nintendo
  51. the nintendonomicon
  52. The Pixel Art Thread
  53. God Hand On Steam
  54. The Phenomenal ZX Spectrum Homebrew Library
  55. 8-bit Adam Sandler.
  56. Sonic 1-3 vs Donkey Kong Country 1-3
  57. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  58. Strider Reboot
  59. Snatcher fans unite!!
  60. Region free Saturn games?
  61. Official Video Game Inspired Songs Thread:
  62. Handheld fan sites: Why are they so scarce?
  63. R-Type II mobile
  64. Saturn Lunar The Silver Star pre-release version
  65. Earthbound Translation Book Gets The Axe
  66. Ryo H !!! Forklifts ??? PS4 ??? Huh ???
  67. SA comparison thread
  68. Console Wars. Soon to be a major motion picture.
  69. Ps4 bombing horribly in japan?
  70. Puzzle Game Addicts!
  71. Amiga VS Genesis
  72. Old computer game search
  73. Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return is on NA PSN, but it's in Japanese.
  74. South Park The Stick of Truth Censored in Europe.
  75. Would you like to listen to something eargasmic?
  76. Weird Neo-GeoAES cartridge found
  77. how to apply shining force 3 patch?
  78. Cheapest Bosses
  79. For vintage game collectors...What do you do to protect your collection?
  80. Gameplay Poll: Kart Racing Games (5th gen) (Please, comment about controls, AI...)
  81. Anyone else had bad luck with their PSP-3000 screens?
  82. Someone is making an internal board to convert N64 to HD
  83. What's so bad about Virtua Fighter on Saturn?
  84. Zero Tolerance On Doom Emu?
  85. Deflicker filter: which systems used it?
  86. Klonoa: Original vs. Remake
  87. PSOne classics on PSN: Your most wanted?
  88. metal gear 5 cross comparison over 2 generations and 4 platforms
  89. Snoop & Dam Funk music video featuring a bunch of Sega characters getting high
  90. Barcades - who here lives in a city that has them?
  91. Nerd Noise Radio 1yr Anniversary Celebration playlist.
  92. Anyone up for some Daytona USA multiplayer on PS3-PSN ?
  93. Best console for platformers: current gen and last gen?
  94. Duke Nukem Fails Forever
  95. Shaq duex
  96. Saving the Neo Geo (what if? scenario)
  97. Batman Arkham Knight
  98. Sonic Jam
  99. Mega Boy
  100. sony redesigns the ps3 game covers
  101. sonic is the core of sega
  102. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: A Hypothetical
  103. For all you people saying you'd get a Wii U if it hit $200
  104. Αnyone knows what's happened to Longplays site?
  105. Choosing which games to play?
  106. Assault Suits Leynos remake for PS4!
  107. A quick and dirty cover of Challenger 1985 from Gradius
  108. List of 60fps racing games (5th/6th generation)
  109. Buyee.jp is hands-down, the cheapest shipping forwarding company for Yahoo! Auctions.
  110. Help me find some games for my Apple Pippin.
  111. Inner Workings of the GBA
  112. The game that made you buy a console
  113. Vcs, Nes, Snes, N64, or gameboy color?
  114. Screwattack's Top 5: Castlevania Games
  115. The Metal Max Series: A Metal Must
  116. Analogue Nt: A hardcore NES clone.
  117. Name a franchise you never understood why it was popular
  118. CD-Rot and video games?
  119. Neo Geo Pocket Color vs Gameboy Color comparison
  120. Canadian Content
  121. Anybody else always have bad luck with Ebay?
  122. Aircraft Grade Aluminum NES. Meet the "Analogue Nt"
  123. Wireless pads; Quality?
  124. Composite/S-Video cable for Saturn
  125. PC Engine DUO-R/RX component mod?
  126. To Wii U Owners help me
  127. Sega is currently offering Crazy Taxi for free at the app store till 3/18/14
  128. Infinite Crisis Open Beta Launch Trailer
  129. most impractical
  130. squall is dead
  131. Super Famicom; Component or RGB?
  132. Saturn Arcade Sticks; which one is the best?
  133. Sega Humble Bundle
  134. Game Center CX: Kacho On!!
  135. New Gauntlet: Warrior Still Needs Food
  136. Wonder Swan Color vs Game Boy Color comparison
  137. Where can I find Amiga game music??
  138. What Is The Easiest Shmup?
  139. Is Sony crumbling or is this part of the reconstruction?
  140. Disgust with the Sonic community?
  141. Steam: Ikaruga
  142. Virtual reality, people's thoughts?
  143. The Sims
  144. PAL 'slower' speed is actually pretty good.. (SNES)
  145. Favslist - Rank your favorite games, movies and more
  146. 5th Generation Fighters?
  147. Darkstalkers Pronunciation
  148. being a fan
  149. GDC's Monetization Panels
  150. Some notes about the PSP-to-TV cable...
  151. Pac-Man on Atari 2600
  152. 70s/80s state of gaming
  153. The State Of Video Gaming In the 70's And 80's
  154. capcom unveils ultra street faita 4
  155. DLC Content Sonic/Zelda
  156. Phil Spencer [new Xbox boss]: The biggest request is to bring back Shenmue
  157. Sega reveals new handheld!
  158. Amazon's FireTV is stupid.
  159. 7th Dragon has been translated!
  160. Computer publishers and developers of the 80s.
  161. My game Ghost in the Machine is on Greenlight!
  162. traditional sonic game in development by sonic team
  163. Would you be interested in a Sega Steam Machine?
  164. Help me remember this C64 game.
  165. OPL2 vs OPN2 vs OPM - rank them from best to worst
  166. Thank you, Pancake-man for stating the obvious
  167. Square refocusing on JRPGs
  168. PS2 Hidden Gems
  169. Is Sega Style/The Sega Store Safe?
  170. Sonic Advance series
  171. Hyper DBZ
  172. Comparing ports of the 3D Rayman games?
  173. Best Godzilla Game?
  174. Last Blade & Samurai Shodown
  175. Jean-Claude Van Damme Was The Original Predator!!
  176. Worst Console of All Time Debate
  177. Segakko, Sega Girls, OS/Console Tan anime to be made
  178. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
  179. Top 10 Sega Girls
  180. Why did people buy obscure/expensive shit when it first came out and treat it poorly?
  181. The SNES & GENESIS 16-bit versions of the Flintstones!
  182. what console handheld pc you use most.
  183. Getting a Sega Saturn
  184. Unfairly panned PS1 games?
  185. Are game discs made of cheaper quality now, than they were before?
  186. Game Collecting and Family
  187. SEGA 3D Classics Out Run has two new music tracks. Releases on 4/23 (Japanese eshop)
  188. Steam Gauge Steam's Most Popular games
  189. Sony lets Square Enix go
  190. Pop'n music newbie here, need advice!
  191. 15 Arcade Games Completed 1-Credit in 25-Minutes
  192. Game Soundtracks: Which did you actually buy?
  193. Bloodlust Software thread.
  194. Overrated Imports
  195. Sonic the Fighters appreciation thread
  196. do you prefer your "retro" consoles to be in "gamers condition" or minty looking?
  197. Dynablaster (Bomberman) Revenge
  198. Completed Sonic 3D Blast today...
  199. Take Hold of the SEGA Adventure!
  200. Good SNES games that can be had for cheap?
  201. Neo Geo pocket Colour
  202. When will someone come out with better program for Dualshock 4?
  203. Trials Evolution (PC/Xboxdone/ps4)
  204. Just a stupid "trade" question!
  205. Classic fighters and their sequels
  206. Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman -- coming June 2014
  207. Microsoft unearth's Atari ET Burial Site
  208. E.T. copies in Mexicom actually found
  209. PC gaming contempt
  210. Deadlight
  211. Love for neglected genres?
  212. New Nintendo Direct focus all on Mario Kart 8
  213. Atari 2600 clones: Where are they?
  214. Why doesn't Super Metroid use a transparent HUD?
  215. Atgames Intellivision Flashback Console.
  216. Classic Game Fest Austin TX
  217. Fairly credible RUMOR: Project Beast [ PS4 ] From Soft's next game in Souls series
  218. Sidescrolling action games with short range weapons/attacks?
  219. playstation 2 2d games
  220. New YouTube Channel for us Retro Collector's
  221. Turned-based Strategy RPGs
  222. SD card loading for the Ps 1 !!!
  223. OK, someone's getting their ass kicked!
  224. Pixel perfect lagless Neo Geo on an HDTV (WIP)
  225. Another stupid trade question!!
  226. Help Shocker build a retro gaming PC!
  227. Classic RTS/Simulation games for PC?
  228. Bullets Over Brazil: In Praise of Max Payne 3
  229. Sunset Overdrive
  230. Does the Super Retro Trio have the best Genesis clone?
  231. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded on Android
  232. The problem of "homebrew"
  233. XBOX One Price Drop
  234. Introducing "The SEGA Channel"
  235. How do you select the shield in Ranger-X?
  236. My new famiclone!
  237. Whither the Xbone?
  238. why you shouldnt buy xbone and ps4
  239. Best emulators on mac
  240. Reproducing plastic video game parts with 3D printing. Thoughts?
  241. VIDEO FEVER - Games People Play from ABC news LA about arcade video games [1982]
  242. I remade the "Bridge Zone" theme from Sonic 1 SMS & GG
  243. Takeshi no Chousenjou
  244. 5 Most Expensive Video Games
  245. Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb / Staff of Kings
  246. Air Control, or, Steam's new easy listing rules have led to some changes in Steam...
  247. Old issues of VG mags online!
  248. BEWARE OF USER urretrostore ON EBAY!!
  249. Xbox slim HD swap
  250. Official Mario kart 8 thread.