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  1. JVC X'Eye audio problems...
  2. curious about 32x ribbon cable solutions
  3. Sega Saturn Model 2 64 pin Racketboy Modchip issues
  4. Sega CD Model 2 disc drive troubleshooting
  5. Model 1 VA6 RF Connector
  6. Soundesign Stereo Help?
  7. Starfox overclocked vesion 4
  8. MegaDrive VA4 won't do hard resets
  9. sega cd model 1 will not read cd-r
  10. Nomad LCD mod help needed
  11. replacing a genesis video encoder with a different video encoder
  12. Capacitor Type
  13. Please Help Me Get King Colossus to save properly with a MLB donor board?
  14. AIWA Mega CD Repair
  15. CXA2075M Composite help
  16. Looking for quality A/V cables for my Saturn
  17. Longevity of the sonic 3 saving
  18. Amplified VHF/UHF/FM Indoor Antenna
  19. 32X Weirdness
  20. TurboGrafx-16 AC Adapter
  21. SCD Model 1 - tray won't open
  22. Help! RGB To Component woes using BA6592F.
  23. What's the best way to hook up a Saturn?
  24. S-Video on a Model 1 Genesis; shifting colors...
  25. Sega genesis model 1 third party AC adapter polarity fix
  26. iTunes buffoonery
  27. opposite of a J-gen mod?
  28. Turbografx 16 / PC Engine s-video mod
  29. Burning 42-pin EPROM on programmer with 40-pin socket?
  30. Web Video Ripper
  31. MD1 VA2 refuses to boot
  32. TG-16 Sound boost...
  33. 32x slot size?
  34. annoying controller issue when emulating!? grrr....
  35. Stupid question about Saturn controllers
  36. How to play japanese games on genesis?
  37. Sega CD Model 1 tray problem
  38. 60Hz modded Mega Drive 1 black and white with AV cable
  39. I need help building 7800 adapter's for the atari 5200
  40. The PC Engine 6 button arcade stick
  41. Speaker Grill Repair?
  42. Sega CD Model 1 fuse?
  43. Mega Drive SCART cables: variants and differences
  44. Sega CD Model 1 Belt?
  45. Ideas for a turbo everdrive pcb cover
  46. Sega master system pause button issue
  47. Converting Genesis 6 Button Pad to PC Engine/Duo
  48. Sega Saturn "no disc" error
  49. SOR2 Japanese Query, and much more!
  50. The jamma rgb nes
  51. Got a free SNES today and all I'm getting is a blank screen
  52. Sega cd "new" laser issue
  53. MD1 VA2 cap help!.
  54. SNES region switches break SA-1 and SuperFX 2 compatibility?
  55. Controlling the Internet
  56. Replace DC jack on M2
  57. MD2 overclocking - is it possible?
  58. Need help finding a correct sound module
  59. PC Engine CD S-Video
  60. Nintendo 64 cart won't play
  61. RGB to component converter issues!
  62. Sega CD systems repair thread
  63. Component video switch issue
  64. Tried to Screen mod my Nomad, and failed, help?
  65. Mega Drive Model 1- Does not work with any converters or flash carts
  66. gen model 2 / s-video question
  67. Sound problems with VA1 & 1.8 CXA2075 swap & CCAM
  68. TurboGrafx-16/Duo Pads Cord Swap
  69. SNES Dark Band in the Middle
  70. What happened to my Sega Genesis? 0_0
  71. 2 Radios I have
  72. PCB Porn: Sega Pico
  73. Anyone know how to add a 50/60z switch to a MDII VA4?
  74. PCB Porn: GigaWing Arcade
  75. Anyone have any experience with PC Based Oscilloscopes?
  76. Bad Game Boy LCD
  77. New RGB to Component converter design using the BA7230LS
  78. Snes s-video / rgb quality comparison
  79. Action Replay II ( Mega Drive) Help Needed
  80. Snes video quality, which one do you prefer more?
  81. Help making a modchip for the Genesis/MegaDrive
  82. XRGB mini or XRGB3
  83. Is there a way to fix rainbow banding?
  84. Anyone here work on PS2s?
  85. Horrible video artifacting on every model 2 Genesis I've ever owned
  86. Screw up in CGR review
  87. joy2key not working right
  88. SNES RGB color offset mod - pinout request
  89. Mega Drive II overclock variable 8MHz ~10MHz + Bi-color Led
  90. GE Super Radio II
  91. RetroN3 wireless controller P1/P2 setting
  92. Issues with a Nomad
  93. Sega Genesis Internet Adapter Information
  94. Three button controllers select signal and the 74HC157
  95. Super 8 Adapter
  96. 53.693175MHz oscillators?
  97. PAL imports on NTSC Genesis
  98. Has anyone ever overclocked a Genesis 2 Rev 2.3?
  99. Is there a way to play Mega CD games on a US Sega CD?
  100. Removing scratches from Genesis case?
  101. Dead EPROM or an error somewhere?
  102. Will PAL GBC games work on NTSC systems?
  103. Sega Nomad Help Please
  104. NeoMyth MD problems..
  105. NES with extended audio from Famicom games
  106. Having some problems with the Genesis Video
  107. Mark III/Master System 3-D Adaptor Schematic
  108. 32x, SCART, and VGA to HDMI converter... Can it work?
  109. PCI video cards with TV out? (and, how do MS-DOS games look on a small SDTV?)
  110. I fixed my "Rainbow Banding"!
  111. This is why we CCAM
  112. SNES with upgraded audio clarity
  113. Will this RAM work?
  114. Opening up Genesis & EA carts.... how?!
  115. Tutorial on the cheapest and safest way to cleanly desolder surface mount
  116. New audio amp for the VA2(.3) Genesis Model 2
  117. Audio Comparison of a VA3 Genesis 1 Before and After full Recap.
  118. Wanted: Beta testers with SNES flash carts to test Mario hack
  119. 32x issues
  120. WIP, The hard wired 32x
  121. Getting an X-Arcade "Tank Stick" to work for Gens on my PC
  122. Phat Playstation 2 Eject tray mechanism
  123. NES blue hues
  124. Let's consolize and old dirty broken Game Gear found in the trash.
  125. Just finished building this...
  126. Building an MS-DOS PC, tightwad style
  127. Consolized GG custom made case... thoughts?
  128. The ym3438 in a model 1 genesis
  129. Intellivision 10 in 1 Power Play
  130. MD1 60hz problem
  131. SuperClones Sound Performance!
  132. Capture Card Questions
  133. Weird issue
  134. Hard Drive: ERASED.
  135. How to update the menu on the Neo2 Lite?
  136. 8MHz overclock NOT reliable?!
  137. Overclocking & 68010: Annotated Compatibility List
  138. Sega Genesis Model 1 S-Video Sega CD Question
  139. WIP: The universal GOAC audio amp
  140. Windows 7 won't let me update laptop's BIOS
  141. FMV & PCM audio converter on Genesis?
  142. Genesis overclock limits and why?
  143. Need help confirming this is the correct connector for SNES SNS-101 aka Junior.
  144. 1989 famicom with true rgb, s-video, stereo sound, nes controller ports
  145. Model 1 genesis audio low pass filtering
  146. Neo Geo "Repair" Log
  147. Broken PAL MD Moonwalker cartridge
  148. Model 1 Genesis, where'd this little nut go?
  149. Building a gimmick! famicom cart with expansion audio.
  150. Is 32X audio always stereo (Even hooked to Model 1 GEN)?
  151. SNES improved analog audio poll
  152. Retron 1 Fami-clone Game Genie actually works...except... IDEAS?
  153. Powerpak Nes & Snes, how big should the cluster size be when formatting?
  154. My HDG Genesis hates certain games
  155. Urgent Help Needed! Genesis 3 Power supply and Hertz
  156. Sega Saturn Internal Memory Not Working
  157. A couple of hardware issues I have for various systems
  158. FC TWIN MOD // Castlevania 3-- HELP -- Which trace to cut? 57 & 58 do not appear link
  159. Homemade gameboy flashcart
  160. HDTV SCART to Component not exactly working...
  161. Broken Knuckles Chaotix after cleaning?
  162. A Strange Request
  163. Difference between a VA3 and VA4 model 2 genesis?
  164. Famicom english conversions
  165. Sega Service manuals 16bit
  166. Megami Tensei 2 famicom reproduction cart
  167. Experienced Sega CD Model 1 fixers!
  168. Before I destroy my Genesis Model 3, will this work?
  169. Best Language Switch Mod For Model 2 VA0 Mk 1631-50
  170. Genesis Model 2 (CXA1145) S-Video mod. Where do I get the +5 volt from?
  171. What's the Deal With These Konami NES Carts?
  172. PC monitor: GREENED OUT!
  173. How can I overclock my copy of Starfox 2?
  174. Options for Genesis 2 with dreaded Samsung KA2195D
  175. What kind of Soldering Iron should I get?
  176. Bought a CRT with S-Video, but the S-Video is in black and white?
  177. SNES S-VIDEO MOD - Blurry? Is this normal?
  178. Adapter Master System/Mark III to Mega Drive
  179. Gameboy Dev Cart 2.0 with case.
  180. My YM3438 Come Back
  181. Probably a dumb question. Expansion sound on NES clones?
  182. Sega Scart cables without capacitor?!
  183. Famiclone Questions // Rad Racer 2 & Afterburner
  184. Famiclone Questions // Tint modification possible?
  185. Model 1 Genesis: Bright screen transition and slight warping
  186. Why is the color tint off on Famiclones?
  187. Universal AC power cords any good?
  188. Suitable power supply for CDX etc
  189. Is S-Video possible on the Retro-gen adapter?
  190. Genesis gamepad issues
  191. Thinking about doing a recap on my HDG
  192. My Sega Genesis mods are complete!
  193. Canon PowerShot A570IS
  194. Observations on the Sega Mark III
  195. Region free Genesis mod Question
  196. Famiclones & Gauntlet
  197. Overclocked superfx games no speed limit
  198. WTF happend to my 32X?
  199. Saturn model 1 with new JVC laser still not spinning disks
  200. Sega Genesis Model 2 (VA4) LED Replacement
  201. SCART switchers: worth the money?
  202. Been contemplating on fixing up my old IBM PS/2 Model 50
  203. JVC X'eye bad video
  204. PS1 & Game Shark compatibility issue
  205. Unknown Part?
  206. Nomad Replacement Screen
  207. What's this free board on this Model 1 Genesis?
  208. Real Audio circuit
  209. My Genesis 2 is now dead... Or not?.... Need help!.
  210. Refurbished Controllers
  211. Guide: How to overclock your SNES, Super FX games
  212. MegaDrive 1 Stereo Mod to Din Output?
  213. MegaDrive Heatsink Extremely Hot!!!
  214. 32X light vertical lines issue
  215. MD 60hz and region switch - problem with flashback.
  216. NES Controller Adapter on the Genesis
  217. The PS2 that hates me
  218. Mega Drive 1 Sound Issue
  219. Replacement PSone Power Switch?
  220. Why are there lines EVERYWHERE in my RGB -> Component mods?!
  221. PC engine controller on a genesis
  222. Bypass cart save memory?
  223. Voltage Converting Question
  224. Sega Mega Drive 2 problem
  225. CD Backup RAM Cart.
  226. Modded VA7 Model 1 Genesis
  227. megadrive II mods
  228. megadrive 2 problem
  229. VA7 model 1 final fight cd buzzing
  230. Sega cd looking for audio filters
  231. PAL Aus/NZ games compatable with Japanese Mega Drive II?
  232. early megadrive II
  233. Possible to make repros of SMS games to play on a Genesis/Megadrive
  234. USB HDD
  235. Saturn Scart Lead Question
  236. Sega Cd ? help please
  237. Noob question, is there any way to tell when a disc based game will freeze?
  238. Crystal Clear Audio Mod Demonstration Video
  239. Genesis Model 1 VA7 video issue.
  240. Non-tech question about adaptors for model 2 genesis
  241. RGB Capture Device?
  242. 15 pin Parallel port to USB for Sidewinder Pro?
  243. CPS arcade board audio muffle removal
  244. Sega mega drive II problem
  245. Cart, Console slot refurbishment (cleaning) tutorials with images
  246. SCART sockets in NTSC LCD TV's
  247. Sega 32x Buzzing
  248. Tips for cleaning capacitor fluid?
  249. Intellivision power problem?
  250. Sega CDX repair specialists needed