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  1. Rick Dangerous MD demo released
  2. Wolf32X - finally in beta!
  3. NEO Myth MD 3in1 flash cartridge
  4. 32X home brew ideas?
  5. Atari 2600 Emulator on the 32x
  6. What would it really take to try get Quake running on the 32x?
  7. First Mega CD Translation To Be Released
  8. DOOM PC/32X WAD Converter
  9. Dreamcast's Hypertension FPS coming to the 32X???
  10. Unreleased X-Men 32x
  11. Soulstar X - beta ROM!
  12. Doom 32x Beta
  13. New Homebrew from Shiru
  14. 32x graphics modes
  15. Pringles game
  16. BC Racers Rom/ISO hacking
  17. A Sega 32x Programming Question
  18. Best Sonic Hacks!
  19. Best Homebrew Sega CD Games
  20. Doom or Wolf 3D port?
  21. Was a beta of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis ever found?
  22. Homebrew Compilations
  23. Unused/underused solutions to limitations of the Genesis/MD
  24. (Dissembling comparison)Genesis game..Official version>imitation>piracy
  25. Need VA6 unmodded encoder pic!
  26. Homemade, genesis Flash files can de game CARDS
  27. Could sram high score save be hacked into roms?
  28. Hack World Cup Italia '90
  29. X-Band Revived!
  30. Xband 2.0
  31. NeoMythMenu Deluxe v2.4
  32. Swamp Thing Prototype dump released!
  33. Recruiting people for arcade shinobi md port
  34. Just built my first Genesis reproduction cartridge(still missing the case)
  35. My repro and "japanized" MD games
  36. Johnny Mnemonic (unreleased proto)
  37. Where to start with MD homebrew?
  38. Best Hack Fighter?
  39. Super Thunder Drive III
  40. Doom 32X Hacks (Wads)
  41. A Good Genesis Game Development Guide?
  42. New Shadow Squadron ROM Hacks
  43. Motherbase 2000 Debugger Found
  44. Dumping Games, region F ?
  45. Development: MD Cartmodding
  46. Homebrew Release: Hangman SG
  47. SVP Programming
  48. MKII Unlimited ROM Patch
  49. Project MD: Official Thread
  50. Uwol Quest For Money
  51. Where to pull audio from for CCAM?
  52. Home Alone (MD/GEN) Beta
  53. X-Band
  54. Gensis Jumpers thread READ!!
  55. Genesis/MegaDrive programming links
  56. Has anyone ever fixed the palette bug in Back to the Future Part III?
  57. Streets of Rage 2 Hack
  58. Please delete
  59. Best VDP Docs
  60. Game Boy Game Genie Rom Patcher
  61. All this 32x talk has me thinking...
  62. What resources does it take to create a MD game from scratch?
  63. Programs to change rom region
  64. Where to find good motorola 68k assembly tutorials?
  65. Patching Game Genie into ROM
  66. Not really Sega related, but what the hell...
  67. Got a non Sega request...
  68. Emu's for the DS
  69. Building your own Genesis and 32X toolchain
  70. MDEM's first
  71. Mega Drive/Genesis Main ASIC List
  72. Starter on Mega Drive Development
  73. The Genesis Documentation Project
  74. UFTC compression/decompression tool
  75. Help with language switch on Pre-TMSS
  76. Assembly in Genesis / 32X projects
  77. Oerg's Tools (RLE Compression, tile operations etc)
  78. 240p test suite for Genesis, Sega CD and Dreamcast
  79. Make your own makefiles
  80. SFIV 360 Pad for PC and JoyToKey
  81. New Sonic hack: Metal Sonic Overdrive
  82. Tile and Sprite editor for Genesis/Megadrive
  83. Affinity:Sorrow
  84. Dr.robotnik (the video game) for the sega genesis
  85. My first demo
  86. A thought/question to homebrew developers.
  87. 32X Demo - 3D with Sound and Music (repost)
  88. SuperTux MD
  89. Genesis ROM speed
  90. question about using the power base converter on a neptune?
  91. Want to start programming for the Genesis.
  92. Any tracker for the Genesis with Guitar Pro-like interface?
  93. khLauncher: The best emulator launcher
  94. Comparison of 5th generation ("32/64-bit") game console hardware
  95. How capable would the Neo Geo MVS/AES be in 3D polygon graphics?
  96. Sega 32 CDX!?
  97. Zombie High (Proto) Discovery
  98. New MD demos! Get them while they're hot!
  99. Tropical Paradise Zone Act 1 - a Sonic fan-tune :)
  100. New tracker with PSG and sample playback!
  101. Did the 32x have its own SPU?
  102. Anyone wanna do a Sonic "SatAM" fan game?
  103. SLZ tool
  104. How can a Sega Saturn run modern PC games?
  105. Markey the Jester
  106. Recommend me a GBA Flash Cartridge.
  107. MDTools GIT repository
  108. Dragon's Lair (Proto) MD/GEN Released
  109. PCE/TG16/CD assembler
  110. crazy bus now for the sega cd
  111. Riley's Letter Recycle And SCDBook
  112. Tremor on the 32X
  113. I'm sick of BEX noobs
  114. VGM Music Maker Tutorial (Not by me)
  115. Request!
  116. Metal Sonic Overdrive Released [Completed]
  117. Sega Genesis + CD JAMMA
  118. Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition - Genesis
  119. Comparison of 4th generation ("8/16-bit") system hardware
  120. Streaming Video (FMV) compression on the Sega CD
  121. Any probs with this sprite to tile collision?
  122. New Discoveries
  123. Games that use the SCSP FM Synthesizer (Saturn)
  124. ISO to .ELF converter
  125. Attention! Coders Wanted!
  126. Looking at Prototypes/Unused finds
  127. Could this game be homebrewed ?
  128. Bad Apple demo thread
  129. Bare Knuckle III Director's Cut
  130. Anyone use YY-CHR for graphics on the Genesis?
  131. Mega Everdrive - The next level?
  132. Request: Wonder Boy In Monster World Savestates
  133. MAME Question - Borders
  134. Looking to learn Assembly
  135. Splatterhouse - Deception of the Mask Trilogy
  136. Metal Sonic Hyperdrive release
  137. (Legit) Question about ISO hacking...
  138. Game Gear to Master System Utilities
  139. How is this possible
  140. Mr. Nutz 2 sourcecode
  141. Battletoads GBA prototype
  142. pallete editor for the sega genesis
  143. Pro Action Replay As Region Adapter
  144. Oerg866's Echo Player + New Song :)
  145. MCD ASIC performance
  146. SEGA CD Mode 1
  147. Ipod jailbreaking questions
  148. Mega modem hack
  149. L'Abbaye des Morts
  150. Some old homebrew crap
  151. Fusion Plugin xBR
  152. Initialising the z80 not the same for real cart/SegaCD/EverDrive?
  153. How to write a ROM to a cartridge (PS1 in English on the Genesis)
  154. Dumping Mega Drive/Genesis
  155. Can you set both planes to scroll together?
  156. Time to update to gcc 4.6.2
  157. Help editing/building Sega CD ISO
  158. Reccommend some homebrews
  159. best 8-bit system to program for?
  160. Read/Write SegaCD Save RAM
  161. Making the best clone system?
  162. Time to update to gcc 4.6.2!
  163. BasiEgaXorz
  164. Rpgmaker
  165. Getting a custom PCB made
  166. Cirtech Re-programmable Flash Cartridge
  167. Help making multi-game selection menu for homebrew ROM
  168. Oerg's live dev cartridge thing!
  169. Undocumented YM2612 register $2C - Smooth PCM panning!
  170. YM2612 playing 8-Bit PCM at 44.1 khz!
  171. Whatever happened to Mega Q*Bert
  172. What's a good size first run for a Genesis homebrew?
  173. Game Genie for the Master System
  174. "Robotron" (Contra Hard Corps Hack)
  175. "Memory Card" for the Genesis?
  176. Metal Sonic Hyperdrive v2.0 Update Release
  177. Fahrenheit: No Key Hack
  178. Is Metal Slug on Genesis possible?
  179. Fastest way to clear screen on Sega Genesis?
  180. Z80 Access When Using Sega CD
  181. Street Fighter 2 Arcade ROM Hacking
  182. 32x prototype help
  183. Angry Birds Genesis Demo
  184. New Sega Genesis Pallete Editor
  185. Byte swapping files on EPROMs?
  186. Making a frame buffer on the Genesis
  187. Having problems hooking up my motherboard to my case.
  188. Is anyone here able to digitize video either for the Sega CD, Genesis or 32X?
  189. linear resampled audio on sega genesis vs no resampled quality
  190. Sonic 2012 Hacking Contest Results!
  191. Bonk's Adventure
  192. Mega Drive emulator for the original Playstation
  193. NTSC-J
  194. sonic vapor port
  195. Firecore not ARM?
  196. Comparison of 6th generation game console hardware
  197. Super Game Boy
  198. Attention programmers/sprite designers/voice actors/anyone we can get! New project!
  199. Animation and good sound together
  200. Interrupt driven DMA PWM audio
  201. Advantages of SNES hardware vs. Genesis hardware
  202. Megaman 2
  203. AES vs MVS
  204. Reverse Engineering the MOS 6502 CPU
  205. Megaman 1 on the pc engine with cd audio
  206. modern Genesis music
  207. Random Idea for a Sega CD/CD32X/Saturn conversion
  208. Remember the Time Trax Prototype?
  209. Sega 3D Glasses
  210. Genesis Emu Wrapper?
  211. Should I buy a new gamegear?
  212. Action 52 Improvement
  213. CD32X Test App
  214. Goplanes, a game project for Sega Genesis
  215. Math Question for a Genesis Homebrew Idea I've been thinking of trying.
  216. Toastsoft homebrew pc games
  217. NOAC Question
  218. Street Fighter 2 Sheng Long Arcade Hack
  219. GeniAlarm
  220. SuperTux MD - Part 2
  221. Comparison of 7th generation (HD) game console hardware
  222. [idea] GTA 1 style homebrew for Mega Drive
  223. Upcoming PS1 Flashcard.
  224. Upcoming PS1 flashcard?
  225. Propeller - An Example SGDK-Based Game Engine
  226. Converting Genesis EEPROM games to Battery Save
  227. NES Homemade MultiCart
  228. Direct Color DMA video demos
  229. Mario Land Colour
  230. Metroid 2 Full Colour Romhack
  231. Emulator front end question
  232. Retro Graphics Toolkit
  233. 3D Texture Mapping Rasterization
  234. some pirated Game Boy games
  235. Making music on your SegaCD
  236. How to paint sega logo?
  237. Direct Color DMA with music
  238. [PC] XENO
  239. Transparency in Mazin Saga
  240. Exodus - Cycle accurate Mega Drive emulation
  241. What hardware is compatible with Jang Pung 3 and Samgukji III?
  242. would streetfighter alpha be possible on the megadrive ?
  243. what games are incompatible with the cdx
  244. an all in one
  245. Why next gen consoles should "demake".
  246. Nomad Mods
  247. The relationship between ASM and Hex in hacking
  248. SVC chaos redrawn cps sprites
  249. 64 colours are enough
  250. Monty Python video game for the Sega Genesis game-play ideas?