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  1. Why was Bernie Stolar fired right before the DC launched?
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  20. Yu Suzuki will be giving a presentation on the Development of Shenmue at GDC 2014
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  28. I don't get why Dreamcast developers resorted to making shoe-box buildings
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  32. What is it about the Dreamcast that is simply magical?
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  38. When you look at the Dreamcast controller, what genres come to mind?
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  41. Dreamcast cable with scanline generator for games that can't VGA
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  77. Saber Rider. RunNGun on DC and modern platforms featuring original fmv sequences
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  82. Seven Mansions:Ghastly Smile English Patch
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  85. Happy 20th Birthday Sonic Adventure!
  86. After Burner II / Space Harrier Shenmue II disc 4
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  105. Long lost Sonic Adventure holiday DLC found. You can download it now!
  106. Lost Golem got its english translation
  107. Dreamcast disc reading and reliability
  108. New DC HDMi cable from Columus Circle
  109. L.O.L. English translation is out
  110. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 beta might be released soon.
  111. Plans for DC successor before DC was discontinued
  112. Retro bit 6 button Dreamcast controller
  113. Terraonion MODE Dreamcast & Saturn FPGA ODE
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  117. Jet set jet set jet set RADIOOOO! Happy 20th!
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  120. SEGA releases details on upcoming Dreamcast console
  121. Mars Matrix or Giga Wing 2
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  125. Long DLC for Sonic Advenure is found
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