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01-31-2010, 05:21 PM
I'm somewhat of a Flicky addict. My high score today was 594,770. Anyone else?

11-21-2010, 03:38 PM
Tried to beat this score today, but got only 437,750 points. Ended on Round 29, never before I played this game up to this round. Heh, I was surprised when at Round 26 game became a little more brain requiring. As also, Round 27, Bonus Round, was one WTH moment.

08-07-2019, 04:33 PM
I was discussing this game in the Sega-16 Discord server in the Score Attack channel. I remembered I had a small score guide I put together. I thought I'd share it here so it can be archived.

I did a big post about it on facebook a while back, and had some fun playing it/writing about it. Here is what I was able to jot down in the short time I played it...
I've realized that the only game I've been playing on my Genesis is Flicky. Apparently, I really like Flicky. So I decided to do a 1 week score attack on it. I started this morning before work. I'll post scores throughout. I don't think I can beat all 48 levels. But I know this game is RIPE for high score competition. Simple yet challenging score mechanics governed by a time restraint and stacked bonus structures, all wrapped in a full game looping model. Stay tuned jerks. Flicky has become serious business. Also, for anyone that HASN'T gotten Flicky, do it. It's fun. Nyannyans get the hammer. I don't mess around.

Scoring Notes:
Piopio Chaining

Point Value
1st 100 2nd 200 3rd 300 4th 400 5th 500 6th 1,000 7th 2,000 8th 5,000 Diamond bonus: Random diamonds pop up. They are worth 1000 pts. Batch bonus: If you get 4 or more Piopios in at once you get a 1000pt bonus. Time Bonus: The faster you clear the stages, the more bonus. 5 levels of bonus payouts are available. Anything after 59 seconds results in no time bonus. 0 -19 seconds = 20,000 pts 20 - 29 seconds = 10,000 pts 30 - 39 seconds = 5,000 pts 40 - 49 seconds = 3,000 pts 50 - 59 seconds = 1,000 pts 1 min + = 0 pts

Bonus Stage Scoring
Bonus stage every 4 stages.

250 pts for each Piopio caught

10,000 pts bonus for perfect bonus (all Piopios are caught)

Flicky slides. She has a ton of "weight" to her, so you have to learn that weight, slide distance, and jump/movement behavior. She has a pretty controllable jump arc that you can control during ascent and decent. She floats down significantly slower than her ascent, and the apex of her jump has a pretty weighty non-linear easing to it. Meaning, it slows down at the apex pretty intensely.

Try to get all the Piopio into the exit at the same time. You get a chain bonus for consecutive rescues.

Finish stages as fast as you can. There is a "par" time for each stage that goes on under the hood. Getting that every stage, in addition to the chain bonuses helps you in increasing your score.

Try to get all the bonus stage patterns down. Getting perfect bonuses on the bonus stages is also really helpful.

Piopios with sun glasses will run away/go crazy if you lose any after a collision with a Nyannyan. Piopios without glasses stay in place.

Nyannyan's will jump just over the lip of any ledge when chasing you, wait a second if you are trying to pelt them with an item. If you throw too early they'll jump over it.

Items are affected by gravity, they fall over time and will disappear after a certain distance.

Items ricochet off everything, use this to blast Nyannyans in there cute faces.

You throw items when you jump, no matter what. If you want to hold on to that hammer for later use, DROP off ledges, don't jump.

Learn the timing of Nyannyan spawns. They poke their heads out of the spawn boxes, they emerge right after their eyes glow.

Chorros are the devil. They are weird, I still don't know how to deal with them. I avoid them. They can climb on top/bottom of all platforms, and can crawl up the walls to other platforms. You CAN hit them with items.

Lots of Piopios look like they are just out of reach, just a bit off the floor, and it looks like you have to jump to get them. You don't. Learn those heights. You can usually just run passed them and still collect them.

Learn the air control of Flicky. She can move a bit, so use that to drop off ledges and get multiple Piopios as you drop.

Sometimes you can die right in front of a door, when you respawn the Pippios might be right in front of the door, triggering the capture animation, thereby breaking your chain. Avoid this by jumping just as soon as you spawn, you'll still collect the Piopios in front of the door, but you will cancel the exit sequence. Use the jump control to float away from the door.

The Chorros come out of the same boxes as the Nyannyans. They have the same animation and spawn behavior. If you are next to them, they will bum rush you, it seems.

The diamonds seem to appear randomly. I DO seem to see them pop up when I kill Nyannyans. The score value for the diamonds seems to be 1000 pts.