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06-06-2011, 03:29 AM
I scored 1,903,700. I must be crazy, this took all day. Some notes:

Toejam and Earl 2 is an interesting game. It's overshadowed by the tragedy of what could have been - a true sequel to the original, which is one of the best two-player experiences of all time. If only... But if you put that out of your mind, it's actually a really good game. I played it back in the day and that was what made me check out the first one. It's got big, colorful, creative graphics, a seriously awesome soundtrack, and hidden goodies everywhere. It isn't the classic its predecessor is - it drags on too long at times - but for platformer fans it's a game you should check out. If you like exploring a level and finding all the hidden little secrets, this is your game.

A point of interest for me has always been its scoring system. Everything is an opportunity to score points, but unlike almost all platformers, score isn't rendered meaningless by allowed repitition. With one exception that is probably a bug, each chance to score points occurs and cannot reoccur; dying doesn't change this, meaning a score attack doesn't have to be a no-death run like it does for the likes of Mario or Sonic. Here's a platformer with a theoretical maximum score. This really fascinates me and I've always wanted to see how well I can do.

I'm playing this on a real cart with my JVC X'Eye. I hope it doesn't crash.

There are four ways to score points in this game: Jarring earthlings (this is required), presents, the hyperfunk zone and bouncy fungus olympics. There are also bonuses awarded at the very end.

Level 1 - Score 15,100

Not perfect - I missed two presents and was great but not perfect on the Hyperfunk zones. The HFZ here is special in that presents contain only 100-point packages.

Level 2 - Score 35,000

Level 3 - Score 92,200

The real way to score points in this game is the bouncy fungus olympics. If you do a good bounce (twirl a bit, go into a headfirst dive, and pull out of it at the last minute) you'll get 1000 points a bounce. You also get a bonus at the end.

After all these years playing this game, I discovered a new way to score points! When doing the "Jam Out" rhythm game, if you already have 99 Funk the game will award you points instead. I think that theoretical maximum is even more impossible to pin down than I thought.

Level 4 - Score 138,400

Another score note - when you have full (5) panic buttons and funk vacs, those presents turn into points as well. This makes it so you should avoid using these when going for score, unfortunately.

Level 5 - Score 177,200

In Stylin' Street in this level, there's an unfortunate bug that allows unlimited points. In Stylin' Street, there's a button you reach by bouncing on fungus that creates a door that takes you to a little underground area with three presents. If you repeat this process, which takes a long time, for some reason one of the three presents will be there again forever. Therefore, in order for the high score challenge to make any sense you have to only enter this area once.

Level 6 - Score 490,700

In the first screen of this level there's a fungus olympics that you can do until your coins run out. It requires a large amount of patience and frankly, insanity to milk this area for points, but I did it. If you'd like to beat my score, it's a good idea to save your coins until here, except for when Trixie makes them unlimited. By the way, I learned here that Super Jars also max out and are replaced with points.

Level 7 - Score 518,500

Trixie doubles the value of presents in this level; you could score higher by ignoring presents until you get to her.

Level 8 - Score 548,800

I died for the first time here. The game only lets you hold six extra lives.

Level 9 - Score 583,100

There hasn't been any fungus olympics in a while. I'm almost glad.

Level 10 - Score 609,800

I forgot how the difficulty spiked here. Jeez.

Level 11 - Score 652,500

Level 12 - Score 691,300

Level 13 - Score 723,500

Level 14 - Score 742,100

Level 15 - Score 777,100

Level 16 - Score 809,400

Level 17 - Score 821,300

This is more of a victory lap than a level. I'm pretty sure I got all the points in it.

Final Score - 1,903,700

This is with the end-game bonuses, including a million points for getting all of Lamont's favorite things. I'm positive you can finish with over 2 million.

10-27-2011, 03:05 PM
I knew I could beat this, so I went back and did it. My new score is 2,223,100.

Breakdown (early deficit is due to saving coins):

Level 1 7,900 (-7,200)

Level 2 19,900 (-15,100)

Level 3 90,200 (-2,700)

Level 4 136,000 (-2,400)

Level 5 165,700 (-11,500)

Level 6 783,200 (+292,500)

Saving coins paid off.

Level 7 818,000 (+299,500)

I still forgot to take advantage of the double-present bonus here. Oh well.

Level 8 850,700 (+301,900)

Level 9 884,900 (+301,800)

Level 10 922,000 (+312,200)

I discovered a new secret area in this level.

Level 11 964,300 (+311,800)

Level 12 1,010,600 (+311,300)

As a kid, I always wondered if it was possible to get over a million points before the end. Back then I decided it wasn't.

Level 13 1,045,900 (+322,400)

Level 14 1,063,700 (+321,600)

Level 15 1,098,800 (+321,700)

Level 16 1,128,400 (+319,000)

Level 17 1,140,900 (+319,600)

Final 2,223,100 (+319,400)

This is still improvable, but you'd be hard-pressed to get 2.5 million, to put it mildly.

08-19-2012, 12:56 PM
Well, I've gone and done it again. It's apparent nobody cares, but hey, it's fun.

I thought I was going to make a major improvement over my old score, but that turned out to be much harder than I thought. My final score was 2,254,000, an improvement of just 30,900 points. I don't think I'll try this again. If anybody else likes this game, try to beat that score.