View Full Version : Random Idea for a Sega CD/CD32X/Saturn conversion

11-09-2012, 03:48 PM
This just randomly popped into my head but I was thinking of a very old game my brother and I had growing up. It was played with a controller like toy ship and a VHS tape. Basically the controller was a light gun that would react to certain flashes the VHS tape displayed. The VHS tape was an animated on rails sequence that you shot at. The controller kept track of your score and how many hits you took. When you took so many hits it would shake and the cockpit would eject, and you had to reset the ship and start form zero points. It was basically a game that was to see how many points you could get. I don't quite remember how damage was determined in it though.

Anyways I was thinking that this might work well for a Sega CD rail shooter FMV game. So I was curious how doable something like this would be.

Here's a video of it:

Since people lately have been fiddling with FMV demos I figured this might be a fun thing to throw out there to put those demos to use in a game.