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11-03-2013, 05:11 PM
Well after completely disassembling my Dreamcast ( really easy made console to take apart by the way ) , not seeing anything that would indicate a possible issue, i.e. loose connection, leaky capacitor, I put it back together, powered it on to only see it display a blank black screen no sound (but it sending some signal because the TV which normally displays "Video 3" when no signal is present that goes away when my DC is on) , I can also hear the disc drive spinning up briefly as well, and the VMU's beep for about 2 seconds before going out. So I suspect bad logic board.

IC BD KATANA MAIN VA 1 - 837-13778

Is it true that playing CDR backups can actually shorten the life of a Dreamcast? If so than I am myself to blame, my DC which was an ebay purchase made in '09 worked fine until one day I tried to load one of these weird 300 in 1 Genesis discs for Dreamcast and I saw my DC crap out, but it continued to work after powering it off and on, but that was the first time I saw signs of problems with booting. Always questioned myself if that Genesis for DC ISO I found online ruined my system.

I just bought this up off ebay, so I'm going to start over, and this time I might just go all official DC games instead of backups if it's true regarding CD-R backups damage the DC lens.


11-03-2013, 05:41 PM
It is true and it is not true. It is true in the sense that the laser will eventually be worn out at some point after years of usage and will need re-calibration. It is not true in that the difference in wear to only using GD-ROMs is very very minor.

That and it got nothing to do with the issue at hand obviously.

11-03-2013, 06:27 PM
i know that using backups is bad


a normal gd rom goes at the actual speed its designed for

concerning backups:

backups are in many categorys

1. the ripped ones
2. the once compressed in a 700mb cd and decompress in the game
3. clean full versions that fir a normal cd

1. the ripped ones are ok. but some rippers code the games differently and the outcomes are that the dc uses the power and cd laser differently. u will eventually notice that some games as a result make the dreamcast go of and on(if your unlucky it wont go on(see power)
2. the compressed ones are the most dangerous like the skies of arcadia rip of800mb. this one actually spins faster in an overclocked mode. why is a mistery for me. u will see that it spins really fast and that the loading in the battle makes the framerate low.
playing these kind of games back to back is guaranteed broken dreamcast.
3. no problem here

now its not always the lens that breaks. but the powersource may die.

my advice better play original games than having 1000S that u never play.
and the best games most of the time are gd rom games and either ripped or compressed
so play games original to maintain quality of your respective dreamcast. i threw 2 dreamcasts away playing backups in the past. and i have one that still lives and i only play original games and clean full backups

if u still wish to play backups keep it to the cleanfull ones.
but i advice u not to

11-03-2013, 06:30 PM
Using properly made backups should not be all that much worse for the console than real GD roms. Actually, a scratched Original disc is probably worse than a mint backup.
(edit : I guess Semmie's explanation makes sense. My comment was regarding backups in general. My own DC is not modded and does not play any Backups)

But then It should not affect anything but the Laser assembly. I do not see how that would explain your present issues of black screen.
Have you tried searching that specific issue?
Keep in mind that most problems short of a damaged ASIC can be fixed so consider selling the old one for parts/repair.

11-03-2013, 06:47 PM
Just to clarify it had black screen BEFORE you dis-assembled it?

If after, an incorrectly placed screw for the drive will put a screw through the main board.

11-03-2013, 06:52 PM
as u said that the cd stillspins and that there is a sign of power

this is because there is actually powr but not enough power to make the dc work


in the pictureu see the power source the one shown inarrow is the part where it goes wrong, you may want to check if it is places correctly. make sure the teeth are touching the powersource. im confident ur dc will work.
if not u will have to buy the whole thing i marked red.

ofcourse im not 100 procent sure cause i dont have the dc in my hand obviously. but im quite sure

11-03-2013, 08:03 PM
The Dreamcast will shut down if it can't detect that the fan is spinning. Just quick look. Hopefully you all did was break the solder joints beneath the plug-in for the fan or forgot to plug it in (pretty easy to break).

Reseat the modules like power supply and GD-ROM drive.

Reseat the ribbon cable between the controller ports module and motherboard.

11-04-2013, 12:32 AM
Thanks for you all input.

But I checked all those troubleshooting suggestions already. Especially about the whole long strew to the mainboard thing, I made sure to remember which screw placement went back in the right order before I disassembled and reassembled my DC.

But alas my "No Boot" + black picture w/ no sound problem seem to have stemmed from when I tried to load one of those strange 300-in-1 Genesis game DC ISOs a couple of years ago.
The concept of Genesis games on DC sounded too good to be true and it was as I remember my Dreamcast didn't get past the menu system of this strange game before it went out. I think I left it off for a day before it started working again, I tossed that disc away. It would occasionally go out while playing, or do a "No Boot" + black picture w/ no sound, and sometimes started up right away.

This DC isn't modded, and I don't think it ever was opened until I recently started troubleshooting it's "No Boot" issue. No corrosion, bad cap, loose or broken anything found inside, but perhaps the possibility that SEGA really did put quality control on hold with the Dreamcast, unlike their previous 2 CD-ROM systems. For the most part before the problems started happening I played mostly official Sonic Adventure, and backup copy of Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure 2, and Power Stone 2.

When I get my new ebay Dreamcast I'm going to treat that one more kindly and avoid backups.

This "No Boot" DC will just become a show piece.