View Full Version : My Mega Drive/Genesis High-Scores

04-10-2014, 02:11 AM
I had a log in which i kept my high scores but my HD failed and i ended up losing it; so i've been replaying the games that i had previously beaten in order to keep track of my scores again and obviously to have a lot of fun.

Naturally, all these games represents the best that the MD/Genesis have to offer IMO.

Sonic the Hedgehog

High-Score: 281.450
with all Chaos Emeralds and 10 lives( didn't die once on Labyrinth Zone \o/ )

The Revenge of Shinobi

High-Score: 1.086.900
HARD mode with the good ending.

Streets of Rage

High-Score: 639.800
1-Player HARD mode with the good ending.

Golden Axe

High-Score: 219.5 / A+++
1-Player ARCADE mode

Target Earth

High-Score: 533.131
HARD mode

Thunder Force III

High-Score: 2.295.589
HARD mode

Elemental Master

High-Score: 385.550
HARD mode

General Chaos

High-Score: 91.650
Two-Player Co-Op mode

Castle of Illusion

High-Score: 377.600
NORMAL mode ( i've been playing this game on HARD but i had to take a break because it's absurdly cheap)


High-Score: 503.000

Shining in the Darkness

Main character on Lv.64
in about 30 HOURS of gameplay


King Garret on Lv.9; all characters in their top classes
in about 40 HOURS of gameplay

Gunstar Heroes

High-Score: 5.105.188
1-Player NORMAL mode

12-11-2014, 09:51 PM
Heh, kinda strange, I didn't think anyone really thought much about high scores on home consoles after the 2nd generation.

Anyway, I've always been a moderate gamer at best, so I don't think I'll try challenging your scores.