View Full Version : SMS games on Game Gear pirate carts

08-24-2015, 11:20 AM
There was a pic I noticed when reading through the recent pirate cart thread in the Genesis section of a 16-in-1 Mega Drive cart that was actually several SMS ROMs slapped onto one cart. It seems like I've seen that same black cartridge a dozen times throughout the years.

It reminded me of a GG bootleg I had a few years ago that was the same situation, 8 or so SMS games bundled together as a GG multi-cart. The one I bought was DOA so I never had a chance to see it in action but if I'm not mistaken the game selection was pretty much the same as the MD cart mentioned above; a bunch of early released low-kilobit games. Most (all?) were Card Catcher/Sega Card games like Pit-Pot, Astro Warrior, Machine Gun Joe, My Hero, & the Japanese version of Great Baseball. I still have a pic of that cart's label and if I'm not mistaken it was a 16-in-1 also.

I've came across a lot of GG multi-carts and one or two single game pirates but I've never ran across one that had SMS games on it that deviated from that list of the usual suspect games. Does anyone own one or even know of one that's completely different? Obviously having larger memory capacity isn't an issue because I have several with 10-15 late release GG games on one cart. I didn't know if pirates just gave up and lost interest in packaging the SMS releases or if better carts actually existed.

Thierry Henry
08-24-2015, 12:01 PM
I have a "Super 53-in-1" GG cart.

Unfortunately, currently I can't test it as my GG system has departed the land of the living.

Some of the listed games on there are:

-Penguin Land
-Ghost House
-Spy vs. Spy
-Hang On
-My Hero
-Machine Gun
-Great Soccer
-Great Baseball
-Satellite 7
-Teddy Boy Blues
-Pit Pot