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An update of the previous Scud Race, and it features one more track to choose from, a big oval one that ranks as Super Beginner. The cars are small and you can even choose some hidden ones by pressing the start button on the select screen. Among the hidden cars you can find a tank, a cat, and bus with the AM2 crew in it. They can only be chosen on the extra track not present in the previous edition of Scud Race.


Scud Race Plus

Sega also created Scud Race Plus as an update to the game in 1997. This version allowed players to play any of the four courses in reverse.

Scud Race Plus also included the bizarre "Super-Beginner" course, an oval track inside a giant-scale children's playhouse. featuring a rocking Horse also bowling pins which you could hit. Exclusive to this course, players could press Start at the car select screen to race as a cat, a tank, an “AM2 crew” bus and a rocket car.

There is also an attract mode, which is not in the game where a red sports car runs in an Italian village and destroys the Roman Coloseum.

The background with the giant wheel is actually blue rather than yellow orange.

There was no American release of Scud Race Plus. Apparently, Sega never marketed this version outside Japan, but it is possible to switch the country to "USA" and get "Sega Super GT Plus" which features everything from Scud Race Plus, but in the American format.


A special course only available in Scud Race Plus (Sega Super GT Plus).

Laps (Standard mode): 6

AI cars: 40

Skill level: Super-Beginner

Number of turns: 2

Music selection: Merry Maze

Rolling start: Yes

A very easy oval course inside a giant-scale children's playhouse, with a giant house cat chasing a giant mouse. And the player can hit Bowling Pins shortly before going into the second and last turn of this course. And the opponents use very different vehicles, such as the bus, tank, the rocket car, and rarely a normal car such as the Ferrari F40.

08-09-2016, 11:14 PM
So jealous. I've been waiting for a port of this game since 1996.

The closest thing is Supermodel but unfortunately has a bunch of glitches and timing issues (music runs too slow, game runs too fast).

01-02-2018, 06:51 AM
Isn’t it already working on mame ?