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11-27-2016, 06:24 PM
Today we're publishing a very special episode - an extended 33 minute analysis of AM2's classic Shenmue 2. John Linneman covers off the game's notable technological achievements, the changes made from the first game along with deep dive comparisons stacking up the original Dreamcast version with the Xbox port that arrived a year later.

On top of that, we discuss the options available for playing the game today, whether it's running the original Xbox release under backward compatibility on Xbox 360, or exploring emulation. A lot of love was poured into this episode of DF Retro - we hope you enjoy it.


We actually published our original Shenmue retrospective back in June, but it works best as a companion piece to the sequel analysis, so we've bumped it up to sit alongside its stablemate. It was one of John's very first retro projects, weeks (indeed months) in the making, so we're happy to repromote it today.

What is it that made this turn of the century videogame so special? What are the technological aspects of this Yu Suzuki/AM2 masterpiece that truly make it a game ahead of its time? Back in the day, just how well did it perform on original Dreamcast hardware (spoilers: surprisingly well, bearing in mind the scale and scope of the game!). And in the here and now, with Shenmue 3 in development, what's the best way to revisit the first game? Emulation or original hardware?


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