View Full Version : 79 Euro for 3 NG Dev Games for Dreamcast (Gunlord, Fast Striker and Last Hope)

03-09-2017, 03:15 PM
**The 3-pack bundle is no longer offered.**
**Buying all three games separately now total 99 Euro.**

Anyone interested in 3 Neo Geo games that were ported to the Sega Dreamcast?

The Indie developer NG Dev Team originally created Gunlord, Fast Striker and Last Hope for the Neo Geo AES and MVS. Later these games were ported to the Sega Dreamcast.

These games are currently on sale as a 3-pack at 79 Euro (originally 102 Euro).

The jewel cases are really well done and look and feel like authentic Sega Dreamcast games.
I bought this bundle myself just for Gunlord (https://retromegabit.com/2016/07/06/ngdev-team-dreamcast-jewelcase-bundle/).

Click the link below for the sale:
*At the moment the game 'Fast Strikers' is describe as having some cosmetic damage (a smudge on the spine of the game).



03-09-2017, 03:24 PM
I hope this doesn't come across badly, but I use a GDEMU and would need to rip these games. If I was able to copy these games for use with it I'll bite your hand off.

03-09-2017, 03:46 PM
I don't know if you'd be able to rip these games. From reading on the forums at neo-geo.com I do believe that NG Dev Team does use protection for their games. As for these Dreamcast ports; I have no idea.

Did your GDEMU mod entirely remove the GD ROM?

I can say first hand that they work great on an un-modded Dreamcast.