View Full Version : XUMP2: Back in Space - New Megadrive Homebrew from Retroguru

04-17-2017, 12:49 AM
I believe this hasn't been shared here before.

XUMP2: Back in Space


Story :

Help Misuki to clean up deserted space fields. Luckily Holger borrowed out his headbot Xump, who will take over again.

Clear all dissolving tiles on several single-screen levels by simply stepping on them, one by one. Few fields are secured with mines and need a double tap. Mines can be blown up when passing by or disarmed by Xump when staying on this specific field for a short moment. Certainly the mission sounds easier than it will be.

Download page : http://www.retroguru.com/xump2/

Mad Moham
04-17-2017, 02:07 PM
I just tried this, it looks like a lot of effort has gone into it. The gameplay style reminds me a little of Chip's Challenge, and is pretty cool. Some of the levels really had me struggling to find the solution. I like the graphics too, thanks for posting the details here dude, this seems like a pretty solid game.