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01-05-2018, 10:59 AM
Hi All,

NG DEV TEAM has found some old stock of a few of their Sega Dreamcast games.

I think Gunlord is a very fun game. Worth checking out!

I think this is the cheapest they've ever sold the first three titles listed below. But they are sold as is. The game cases may have some damage. Read their description below.

1) Gunlord DC - 25,00EUR
2) Fast Striker 1.5 DC - 25,00EUR
3) Last Hope Pink Bullets DC -25,00EUR

4) NEO XYX DC Limited Edition - 35,00EUR



**Below is the email I received from NG DEV TEAM about this sale**

[NGDEV] NEOGEO AES/MVS and Dreamcast Surprise Sale

Dear customers,

last year we cleaned up our old storage unit and found some nice surprises.

All units are sold as used/refurbished.

All PCBs were professionally repaired and come with the normal guarantee and warranty. Some may have visible imperfection and are fully tested as working.


NEOGEO AES (used):

PCBs are refurbished/repaired.
Cartridge shells have visible imperfections (small marks/bruises)
Shockboxes have visible imperfections
Inserts and booklets can have small imperfections
Labels/stickers have imperfections

All parts are new and not preowned.

Neostore condition-grading-scale probably would be something between:

EXCELLENT - Minor signs of wear, some cart scratches and insert could have some whitening and/or creasing at the edges.
VERY GOOD - Moderate wear, whitening & cart scratches.

8x Razion AES LE JPN or ENG [used]. This is the limited edition from 2015/2016, all parts are from the original AES LE release and were put in storage until repair of the PCBs.

2x Gunlord AES regular JPN [used] (from August 2017).
JPN only, no ENG inserts are left.

Cartridges will be assembled on demand.


NEOGEO MVS (used):

Used condition. Shells have clearly visible marks/bruises from the Chinese factory. PCBs are refurbished/repaired from 2014-2017.
We include an extra cartridge label in case you want to switch the case later on.
Kit box and contents are new and are normal condition

All parts are new and not preowned.

6x Razion MVS Game Center kit.

6x Fast Striker MVS Game Center kit.

1x Gunlord MVS

Cartridges will be assembled on demand.



Is there any interest in a reprint of a Last Hope NGCD regular edition?
It would be the game + jewel case + booklet + inlay + spinecard/obi. But no super play DVD and not sealed.
Estimated pricing around ~35 EUR.


Dreamcast (used):

We found a couple of boxes of the NEO XYX Dreamcast LE from 2013/2014.
Those were cast out back then due to flaws in the dvd box foil.
DVD case foil is warped/wavy. Sometimes the insert too.
The disc and booklet are factory new. Most units are factory sealed too.

We also made the remaining stock of the Dreamcast jewel case reprint available. Those are sold as used too.

Sold as used. Units are factory new and sealed but have small imperfections:
Can have slight bruises/dust and rubber smudges from the packaging machine on the jewel case and sometimes on the inlay.

All parts are new and not preowned.


Programming and design of Kraut Buster is still scheduled for completion in Q1/2018.

We will soon open pre orders for Fast Striker AES reprint.
A few months later we will take pre orders for a 2nd run of Kraut Buster AES.

Kraut Buster MVS is not available anymore due to the lack of MVS cartridge shells.

Best regards,

01-05-2018, 11:11 AM
YES!!! Awesome! I just ordered up a Neo XYX DC LE as I didn't have that one and missed it the first time around! Thank you for posting this as I didn't receive an email about this sale at all.

01-05-2018, 12:16 PM
Cool, I'm glad this helped out. You know I would have bought Neo XYX if only it came in a nice jewel case. Instead of that DVD case.

I like my Dreamcast games looking all uniform. I know, crazy :)

01-05-2018, 01:26 PM
Cool, I'm glad this helped out. You know I would have bought Neo XYX if only it came in a nice jewel case. Instead of that DVD case.

I like my Dreamcast games looking all uniform. I know, crazy :)

Not crazy at all..and it is one of the things I like about the re-issues of Gunlord..etc. It would be nice if they had created and included a standard CD jewel case insert with the large DVD releases so that you had that option if you wanted. I actually have a small stock pile of clear CD jewel cases just for replacing cracked ones I find in the wild for my DC games.

But still, Neo XYX commands crazy prices second hand so I wasn't about to give up the option to buy one direct for a cheaper price. I did the same with Sturmwind when it was re-released about a year ago. I believe it is sold out again now.

01-05-2018, 04:55 PM
What the hell, I ordered Neo XYX since it was the only DC game of theirs I didn't have and I wasn't going to pay above retail for. Thanks for the heads up.