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12-04-2018, 02:08 PM
Hello, this thread is about my personal discovery of the mighty Saturn.

I own a nice PAL collection of Megradrive/Genesis (Adventures of Batman and Robin), MegaCD(Snatcher, Robo Aleste..) and 32X (Kolibir, Chaotix)

By chance I learned that the Saturn had a port of X-Men vs Street Fighter. I played this game on Mame a lot against my brother. I bought the Saturn for this game.

Games are CIB unless stated otherwise.

1) X-Men vs Street Fighter (Jap) (50 Euros)

That was my first buy. However I still haven't found a Japaneese Saturn to my liking.

I bought a boxed PAL Saturn without games for 135 Euros. Looking on 2nd hand site, I managed to snatch this for 320 euros. All PAL.
a-Boxed clean Saturn with 1 controller and user guide.
3-Bust-a-Move Arcade 2 Edition
6-Madden 97
7-The Story of Thor 2
9-Virtua Fighter 2
10-Alien Triology
11-Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
12-Sega Rally
13-Daytona USA (CD Only)
14-Christmas Nights Bonus CD

Concurrently I bought on ebay
-Panzer Dragoon for 35 euros
-Nights for 35 euros
-Bomberman for 85 euros
-A Hudson Soft Multi Play adapter for 40 euros

I read about the the incredible story of Panzer Dragoon Saga and how it was really hard to emulate and very rare. so I decided to buy a copy for 270 euros.

Until now I tried Exhumed (not that bad, interesting setting), Sega Rally (need a wheel to really judge the game), Bust a Move (fun but either too easy or too hard), Myst (i suck terribly at those games). Doom (stereo sound does not work for me, game looks like the 32x which I have. I love Doom 32x 1s stage music) , Rayman (tried but wasn't willing to play again yet), Virtua Fighter 2 (nothing to write home about, more interested by 2D fighters)

Then i got Panzer Dragoon in the mail. And oh boy... that changed everything. I am only playing this game right now and everyday I want to play again. I am working my way up. This game is gorgeous, the old 3D rendering is actually pretty fitting and has its charm even today. The atmosphere is great. The music is so good. The Dynamic camera mode is really the best.
The gameplay.... Totally worth it. And this was a launch title!!! I can't believe it. Sega really screwed up the launch of their console. RIP.

I will play Panzer Dragoon 2 and Saga in order after finishing each game.

I totally do not regret investing in the Saturn. The loading times are not detrimental like the Sega Mega CD. The image is pretty good with the provided SCART on my CRT. I do have an issue with the default controller. The DPAD sucks.
For small hands like mine, the best controller ever made is still the Megadrive 6 buttons controller.

My future buys are : Reach 10 controllers, official or not, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Guardian Heroes, and still looking for a Japaneese grey console to play X-Men vs Street Fighter. Its such a pity this game was not marketed to the world and they killed the Saturn so early.

Team Andromeda
12-05-2018, 05:36 AM
Nice post. Make sure to get Die Hard Arcade, Decathlete. Both are amazing games that don't cost a lot to buy. If Die Hard Arcade was called SOR IV instead, it was have been classed as a classic.

12-07-2018, 04:35 PM
Panzer Dragoon is a dream. I've yet to complete Saga but I like it so far.

12-07-2018, 10:50 PM
Keep in mind that you can grab the JP versions significantly cheaper than English ones.