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03-21-2020, 08:41 AM
I just thought I'd ask if people have any particular recommendations for a Saturn save cart.

I could buy one from the 90's but I didn't know if there might be better options.

I'm considering this because my Saturn's watch-battery died after about 3 years... and I'm a huge fan of NiGHTS so I'd really love to not lose my data, every few yrs...

03-21-2020, 10:09 AM
All the official carts work fine, just remember to clean the pins.

I don't recommend the third party carts because not all can save directly.

03-21-2020, 11:03 AM
Modern carts of any kind tend to be too thick and can damage the cart port in classic consoles and the Saturn's is especially delicate.

03-21-2020, 02:32 PM
Modern carts of any kind tend to be too thick and can damage the cart port in classic consoles and the Saturn's is especially delicate.

This is false.

Only some old gamesharks (I think) had slightly thicker carts; things like the Action Replay were always fine, and that covers nearly everything made in the past 20 years. Can't speak for the Chinese pseudosaturn carts though.

And the cart slot isn't "delicate", it just suffers from contact errors as the pins are thin. Clean the connector edge of your carts every so often and you won't have problems.
Note that you can hold down the L/R triggers on the Saturn pad on boot and you'll instantly go to the memory manager, so you can check if your cart connects even before the game boots.

03-22-2020, 05:12 PM
Hope I'm not wrecking my Saturn with the red PsuedoSaturn cart I use...

03-27-2020, 06:00 AM
Well so these save-carts batteries don't die themselves? The ones from the 90's are already like 25 years old...

03-30-2020, 04:48 AM
get the official memory cart! all the other carts are terrible and will format eventually as well as break (to some extent) your cartridge slot. I found that out the hard way multiple times and now only use official memory cartridges

04-08-2020, 03:07 PM
The official SEGA memory cart doesnt have a battery.

Mega Drive Bowlsey
04-09-2020, 05:56 AM
The official save cart all the way. Never had any problems at all with mine, and it offers a shit ton of save space. Memory management was definitely one area in which Sega offered value for money when compared to Sony. I mean with the Saturn not only could you save direct to the console, but you had the huge save cart too. By comparison PS1 memory cards were a total rip-off and offered very little save space.

04-09-2020, 11:06 AM
The official SEGA memory cart doesnt have a battery.

Some Sega carts do use a battery, but it's very rare.

edit: I recall seeing some cart pcb pictures that had a battery inside, but I can't seem to find it, so I could be remembering wrong... and no, I'm not thinking of the Mega CD save cart.
edit2: found the thread: https://segasaturngroup.proboards.com/thread/1852/saturn-memory-carts-flash-battery but the images are long gone. Still, it seems I remembered right, some official carts do use batteries.

04-09-2020, 11:35 AM
I use the Memory Card Plus by Interactive. It has around 16,000 memory blocks which is just ridiculous. I think the Saturn's internal storage holds 500 to put that in perspective. It's got to be the largest memory cart made for the system. It also works as a region unlocker for me, as when it's in, powering the system up bypasses the region code, and I'm free to play Japanese games.

All of that said, I bought mine new in the box about 5 years ago or so, and it's worked perfectly for me, never had an issue. However, if you look around the internets, this thing has a reputation for raping your grandma and kicking your dog. A lot of people on reddit and the like seem to complain about it. Like I said, I love it and have never had an issue, but some others disagree. I'd say that if you buy a new one and not a used one off ebay or wherever, you'll be fine, but I wanted to point that out.