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08-25-2020, 08:00 AM
Someone wrote software to backup your Saturn saves to your computer by using the audio out as a modem. Appears to work pretty well and can transfer from both the internal memory and external cartridge memory.


08-25-2020, 08:40 AM
This sounds pretty great - finally an easy to use method of backuping system saves before they get lost because the battery ran out of juice again. So far I had to use a very indirect method for backing up saves (I have an Action Replay module with a Pin adapter, so I could back up system saves onto the cart, then copy saves from cart to PC through a parallel port; but that means I needed to keep an old PC around that still had one of those) - this sounds simpler and doesn't need a parallel port on the PC any more, that's a huge advantage.

The only thing that irks me a bit is that you can only restore saves through using CD-Rs - seems very wasteful in terms of disc use (well, you could technically use CD-RWs. But to do that you need to fiddle with the intensity of the drive laser first, which will lead to the optical drive wearing out faster, and I'm not really willing to do that). Would be great if you could write saves back to the system the same way you can copy them to pc, but I guess that's a lot trickier to pull off.

08-25-2020, 02:17 PM
It very likely doesn't have an audio/mic in port, so you'd need a custom cable to one of the controller ports. That's easier than it sounds, soldering to the wires in an extension cable, but you do need experience in many trades then. Code for PC, Saturn and any arduino/etc in between.

Joe Redifer
08-27-2020, 08:23 PM
This is really cool! If restoring saves to the console/Cart could be made without using a CD-R that would be cool. But even with CD-R restore, it's better than nothing. How often will you be restoring saves anyway? I wonder if this could be made much easier with an SD card or SSD with a MODE.