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01-23-2010, 08:06 PM
NOTE: This is to post your total score in the game (that is, the score that you had when you completed the game). You can't jump straight to the final working shift (Dusk & Wired). If you want you can tackle the other working shifts (Early Bird, Rush Hour and Night Owl) in any order that you want, but the Dusk & Wired working shift should be the last one that you do. Here post your username, initials, score, the place in which you ended up in the high score table, and, if you want to, the order in which you did the shifts (you can either list them by their name or by their difficulty, which, in order, are: Easy, Normal, Hard and Reward)

[user name]
[initials] - [score]
[position in high score table]
[order in which shifts were taken] (optional)

It should be like this:

MNV - 1711400 points
1st place
Early Bird - Rush Hour - Night Owl - Dusk & Wired

You can continue as many times as you want, since the game doesn't reset your score at all. Also, if you want to practice or for taking the shifts in any order, here's the password to unlock the other three: M2CC
The most important way to score is by taking the shortcuts (aka Risky Routes), grabbing as many power-ups as you can and keeping your cab in good conditions (I believe that the time you make also helps as well)