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  1. Thanks for dropping by; hope '09 goes peaceful for you, and packed full of bouncy caffeine drinks! ...oh! Also no apocalyptic (did I spell that right?) forebodings thanks to Mayan calenders and egg whisks dropping from the sky. D:

    Gah, it were your birthday recently, right...!? Happy belated Birthday! I'd offer some sex, but remembered I can afford cards and normal presents for people now. o____o; Gosh, I'm rude.
  2. Hope you had an awesome Christmas and that your 2009 is an endless ride of awesome and hot chocolate
  3. Seasons Greetings, methinks, as it's late for Xmas and early for New Year! Hooway!
  4. Even their HQ store in Dun Laoighaire!? Keewl. Heat up that thar drinkin' chocolate.
  5. Presidential stickers, banners, badges and t-shirts of me would be awesome.
    As President I would close down the evil t-shirt shop that formerly employed you.
  6. You have to make Presidental-like stickers, banners and badges, sign 'em and summat, and send them to your loyal supporters! I'd create a t-shirt too if I didn't already have qualms over the print shop of which I was previously employed. At.
  7. Thank you.
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