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  1. Tanegashima!! Where you been? This place sucks now. Even the trolls are boring. Yeah I'm still in Arizona though I moved to Bisbee. What have you been up to these days?
  2. what's up mang? You still keeping it real in the Copper state?
  4. 17daysolderthannes!!

    Need I say more?
  5. I'll think about that, thanks man. I used to live in Flagstaff and I've spent a ton of time in Tuscon...but there are some things keeping me here in Cali. I've got a great job that I'm going to hopefully turn into a career and great friends that I want to stay around for the time being. But thanks!
  6. I have no idea if it would interest you or not but if you are interested in moving to Arizona my brother just told me they are hiring another 1000 Border Patrol Agents. The pay is good and you would have a large chance of being sent to Arizona.
  7. It's California...things are always getting worse...I do have a good job though, office politics up the ass...even at a gunstore...lol...good friends and soon I'll be living alone...a dream of mine since I was born. I hear Washington is nice, but I've considered moving to Arizona too.
  8. She is going nuts trying to get a job. I lost count of many applications she has turned in. Things sorta suck were living off ebay. Were scraping by. She wants to move to Washington. The whole Sb1070 thing has really turned her off. Yeah so anyways... how things going over there?

    How's the wife?
  10. Thanks for the rep man, I'll hit ya as soon as I can.
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