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  1. Don't I know it!
  2. Hope and Change.
  3. Long time, no see! How's it going in Edge-land?
  4. Edge, buddy, I'm not disappointed because you think a certain way, you're free to believe whatever you choose to believe, I'm disappointed in the way you talk to and treat others. One more time: it's the way you argue. For someone who calls everyone else blind, you are distinctly close-minded to other people's opinions.

    That is why you're irrelevant.
  5. Edge, you are the most close-minded guy on this forum. I gave you a chance, all you have to do is say three little words: "I am sorry" and you'll be relevant again! Until then, have fun not being in the discussion
  6. I only allow relevant posts on my profile page. Now if you just apologized for your arguing tactics and admitted that you're a little close-minded... then maybe you'd be relevant Choice is yours bucko.
  7. I suggest you reread MrMatthews most recent posts in the Politics Thread Until then, you're irrelevant.
  8. Wrong answer Edge, you're out of the conversation! You just aren't relevant anymore.
  9. Taking the time to leave me a visitor message? Sounds like you miss me Edge. All you have to do is apologize for your arguing tactics and I'll take you off my ignore list... until then you're just out of the conversation.
  10. How you like them Apples!!!!
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