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  1. Hello! It's been long time. How the things been going, while I was gone from this website for over two years now? The art college have kept me very busy on the illustration work and less gaming time to none. To the point where I have forgotten the password to this site until I discovered it today, LoL! Did things have been changed over two years?
  2. yeah I can see that, I was active during shadowhawk 's war attack on members, and I survived that war LOL. You and eddie kind of know who am I, jackal added me as a friend like half a year ago, I really don't think he know me that much, but soon he might realize that he know quite a bit about me before I came back now.
  3. That's mostly because you haven't really been around for that long or been that active, in all honesty. Me, I've been around for a few years now and been quite active and really only a handful of people noticed I was gone when my old router was broken.

    Still, I like to see relatively cheerful new people around the forum, it keeps Sega-16 lively.
  4. Rusty? Yeah I can see that. I really don't think I'm missed by anybody here, some come, some go.
  5. I don't keep tabs on Mr Smith that much, but yeah he hasn't been around much. Still, the biggest MIA case is with Rusty. Been gone for some time now...
  6. yes it's great to be back, now whatever happen to that Mr. Smith? His guts is still mine for me happily eating it as a snack.
  7. Hi man, good to see you. There haven't been any recent bannings so you haven't missed a whole lot.
  8. Guntz for president! LOL I hadn't been on this site for long time, just wanna to say hello.
  9. I used to play NEO-GEO on emulators until I got sick of them and decided to get into the real thing instead. Metal Slug 2 and 3 are my favorites. 1 and X aren't too bad either. 4 reflects the state of SNK at the time and really suffers because of it (they closed in 2001 IIRC) and I really dislike 5 because they added the slide move (press down + jump), I hate that. Despite all that, I figure every MVS Metal Slug will be on my shelf eventually.
  10. you're welcome, I used to play Metal Slug 3 on Metal Slug Anthology for PS2 few years ago, great game. I liked Metal Slug, Metal Slug X, and Metal Slug 6 better than Metal Slug 3. Again, I like Metal Slug 3 better than Metal Slug 4 and 5. Good luck on your SuperGun.
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