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  1. Congrats. I wish you and your fiancée the best. And congrats on your career advancement as well. Things have also been going very well for me lately, career-wise. The wife and I are looking to buy some property this year, we hope.
  2. Not much! Living the dream--career might be moving in a new direction depending on a few opportunities that are coming up--I think I'm going to be engaged soon if I can muster the courage...you?
  3. What is up!?
  4. Whats up buddy??
  5. Nice!

    That's around the sort I'll be getting for my first 357 mag. Not too long, not too short. Maybe a 3" barrel.
  6. Gun Porn Time...I want this next...4" 686 Plus

  7. lmao

    P.S.> Thanks for the rep!
  8. Just think, if you study REALLY hard and work and work one day you'll become a doctor! You'll be well respected, well thought of...most people will comment about how quiet you were, that you enjoyed video games, but mostly kept to yourself. Then...you'll be reading about yourself in the future edition of:

  9. Thanks for the rep!
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