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  1. Dude, it was so sweet! I'm so excited, can't wait for sunday! Heisenberg is in full-effect, now.
  2. Hey man, I was just wondering what you thought about the Season 5 Breaking Bad premier. I found it to be quite kick-ass. HAve a good one.
  3. Didn't see your message earlier, but thumbs way up dude! Great show for sure, I cannot wait until Season 4. And yeah, who'da thought Bryan Cranston could do badass so convincingly!
  4. I watched every episode over the course of a few weeks, and I loved every second of it. Bryan Cranston is amazing. Who would have thought that lovable "Hal" from Malcolm in the Middle could be so badass?
  5. No problem man! And I'm glad you started watching Breaking Bad! It's definitely the best thing on tv as far as I'm concerned, and the world always needs more Br Ba fans, so good on ya!
  6. Oh yeah, I started watching Breaking Bad the other day when your sig reminded me of it. It's so awesome.
  7. Thanks for the rep, man. And yes, Bloodlines is the shit and so is Zappa. Rock on!!
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