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  1. Man you going all out on the reggae.I'd have to ask my parents about some more stuff, I didn't see Dennis Brown, jimmy cliff.There are slighly different styles, but it's still good.I am actually related to Culture's Joseph Hill(RIP) and Albert Walker.
  2. Augustus Pablo! forgot to mention him, excellent meditation music. So much great Reggae music that Ive been missing out on in the past few years. Ill be picking up a few CD's this weekend for sure.
  3. I appreciate the rep, also sent a friend request. Man I was snowed in for 2 days from work last week, and I spent the entire time digging through non Marley/Tosh/Wailers reggae albums and artists on the internet. I have discovered some amazing music that I have not been able to get out of my head so far this week. Black Uhuru, Burning Spear, Aswad, and Culture are just a few that have amazed me. Unbelievable music. Do you recomend anything?
  4. Thanks for the rep.You have a very big contrasts in your list.Very unexpected.
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