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  1. Welcome Back! Honestly, best bet is to use the web archive and Google images to see if you can find it. What web hosting site did you use to host the signature?
  2. Is there any chance I can find my old Christopher Lambert signature? I don't see anything anymore and my signature doesn't work
    ...I know its annoying so if not that's okay...but I still see the Raul Julia ones about...
  3. Just draft up a list with all the stuff you want and your address (And username) and e-mail it to me. Clearer directions are in the Secret Santa thread if you need them.
  4. Totally,
    I've been out of town on and off for like 3 weeks and I've been so slammed at work that this is the first time I've had a chance to get back on the site, what do I needs ta do?
  5. Hey, you still want to participate in the Sega-16 Secret Santa man?
  6. Thanks for the rep buudy.
  7. Where did you run off to?
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