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  1. Tron:Legacy was well-worth the wait{both for me to see it theatrically and the downtime between the original's release and today}.
    I truly enjoyed how well it tied botht the two films together, as well as the two decades of release together{with nice touches like Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams{Are Made of This}" and Journey's "Separate Ways{Worlds Apart}" playing at Flynn's, as well as the arcade games present there}.
    Two of my favorite elements were the appearance of vintage 80's handheld games{like the also-in-the-original Coleco Electronic Quarterback}, as handheld tabletop from that era are a part of my retro/classic gaming hobby.
  2. Man, I still have yet to see True Grit! But considering that praise it sure sounds great! And yeah, I really do want to see Tron 3 confirmed. What did you think of Legacy?
  3. I finally saw Tron:Legacy in late January, at that aforementioned local theatre of mine{which only showed it four times, once a day.. for FOUR days....so i'm glad that I saw it before I lost the opportunity}.
    I really hope that Disney's plans are finalized, and that the rumors for the similarly long-overdue sequel to The Last Starfighter also come true.
    As far as True Grit goes, A.:Joel and Ethan Coen are kings among men, and B.: Anything with Jeff is well worth seeing.
  4. Great! Speaking of Jeff Bridges films, I'm going to see True Grit soon.

    It seems that Tron 3 is a fairly large possiblity, but there's not a FULL confirmation from Disney yet. There are rumors that teaser trailers for 3 are on the new DVD release of Tron and Tron Legacy, but nothing totally confirmed.
  5. Like I said,man...I'll definitely see TRON:Legacy before it ceases playing theaters.
    There's an independent theater in my old neighborhood{about 5-10 mins. away from both my school & my current house} where I'm gonna see it at{mostly because I can then say that the last two most recent movies that I saw there were Jeff Bridges-related, the other being the equally-fantastic Crazy Heart}.
    P.S.-I though that further TRON sequels were set in stone, or has Disney not finalized such plans yet?
  6. Hey, no problem man! And you haven't seen Tron: Legacy? Dude, gotta see it before it leaves theaters! Support the possibility for a 3rd movie!
  7. Thanks for helping to expand "Ye Olde Insector_X_Perts Fryend Liste", sir!
    Ridicously enough, I still haven't yet seen Tron:Legacy.
    That'll definitely change before it leaves theatres, though...you can count on that!
    Much like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, it's certainly a future DVD purchase of mine{once its out, that is}.
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