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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy playing your mint condition copy of Super Thunder Blade. Which version will it be, Japanese or American today?
  2. I approve your theory, Mr Genesis Encyclopedia. Except that you forgot an "I" in your Thunder Force III abbreviation. You should start writing articles for this page.
  3. I really have no idea, Cocky Avatar Man. I figure that Sega Of America was wise enough(or too broke, I dunno) to pretty much keep TFII "as is" when they brought it over for the Genny launch in '89. TFII was published by the defunct Hot-B USA, in a collaboration w/Technosoft, so it came over as is as well.

    TFIV however, was published by SoA. POST-Sonic SoA. There was so much stuff being published and developed by SoA during 1991-1994, that unless it wasn't a big Sega franchise (Sonic, Shinobi, Streets of Rage) or a comic/movie tie-in (Spider-Man, Batman Returns), it got ZERO promotion or ads. This happened with Thunder For-er, "Lighetening" Force. Some jobber probably thought it was a good idea to re-name TFIV "Lightening Force", as to make it seem bigger and badder than just plain "Thunder Force". And the subtitle? and Americanized back-story on the manual & box art?.......completely pulled out of someone's ass.
  4. So Aarzak... Why did they rename Thunder Force IV to Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar in the US? Part II and III was already released there and were very popular, so renaming the sequel would seem just dumb and unnecessary, don't you think? Also, "Lightening" must be a typo in this case. What were they thinking? I figured YOU should know, and no-one else!
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