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  1. Thanks for the rep!
  2. Yes, I'm Canadian.
  3. I wanted to play to SSBB on the Wii yesterday, when I realised the Wii wouldn't power ON, for seriously no reason. Well, actually, there wasn't even any LED, which could maybe be only a wire disconnected, even thought I checked.

    I should try it on another TV. I have a bunch of consoles, and all of them are hooked up in a special way, it sometimes get confusing.

    Actually, I'm glad my Dreamcast and my good ol' GameCube still work. Same thing for that old GBA SP I still use.

    Well, *it's a Wii* but that's still 200$. I find it odd that my Wii "died" that quickly.
    In fact, I was sure the first system to die on me would have been my Dreamcast; I use *only* burned games (Shame on me, I'm not proud of it! That's because I can't find any games in stores, y'know!), and I'm slowly killing my laser, it seems!

    Official Nintendo "Seal of Quality".
  4. Thank you.
  5. Hey, happy birthday!
  6. You're welcome, thanks. Lol.
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