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  1. damn i even collected those from dark horse but at nuber 50 it stopped
    i like comics but i m not into super heroes
    punisher yust a guy that has seen to much violence and snapped
    and conan yust pure action and love the drawings
    it s a shame that my girl doesn t understand a thing about comics that is
  2. i saw the picture
    and you said the you like the ghostbusters
    that s enough for me to yust seeing that you are a good guy
    have a nice hunting frank
    but i like the first punisher with dolf lundgren and the last one with punisher 2warzone damn good filed action movie not so based on the comics but most of the names appear in the movie
  3. yes i am a big fan of punisher comics (i hate the movie), but i dont know about any ghostbusters combo.
  4. i don t know who you are but
    the punisher max comics
    and the ghostbusters

    that s a godamn good combination
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