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  1. Hi!

    I just did the fix in the thread and it totally fixed the problem. Go figure.

    But I've put a 20KΩ potentiometer instead of the fixed resistor in lieu of the 12K/20K/whateverΩ*they put to find the sweet spot and after a long session of testing I discovered that ~18KΩ is a good value which will give you 100% output when the slider is maxed out.
    Anything less will start saturating the amp thus giving distortion.

    Now I'm wondering if the 10KΩ resistor is a good value or if it's too low for the circuit... considering the original one was a whooping 47KΩ!
    The point is that everything there is surface mounted and I'm afraid of soldering and desoldering stuff: if I lift the trace it's game over.
    I'll just keep it at 10KΩ and call it a day: the sound is superb!

    If you have any questions or whatever, please reply at donluca@16bitaudiophileproject.org
    As I stated before, I don't check often here

    Have a good one!
  2. Crackling aside, when the volume on your headphone port is all the way down, can you still hear music? When mine is at 0, I still hear music just at very low volume... Low volume, loud crackling.
  3. Hi Donluca. I've been reading your post about the crackling in your Genesis/mega drive. I have it too in my va2 and it is much more noticeable when the volume is all the way down. its strange because when the volume is all the way up, I don't hear the crackling. Some games sound good and some games are terrible, like the sonic games.
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