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  1. Great, let me know what you think. I have been tinkering with it lately, trying to improve it. I have replaced the helmets with team logos, I'll post a picture. Good luck withthe new job. I started a new one in July after I was a a place for over eight years so I know how difficult it can be. Later, Dave
  2. Yes I did, and thank you very much! I really do appreciate it. I just started a new job (today was my second day) that has been sucking my life force away because its so tedious, so I haven't gotten to really get into it yet. Definitely this weekend I'm going to have more time to check it out, and I'll probably show my buddy who wants to check it out as well. The newest football game that I own is NCAA 2k2 road to the rose bowl, so I'm definitely looking forward to playing with updated rosters. I'll definitely get back to you when I get more time to check it out, it looks awesome. Thanks Again, Nick
  3. Did you get the rom?
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