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  1. Damn, you've been pounded on man. How do you go about joining a team? Your guy(Chris Rocks?) dominated the fight so you must be a good trainer.

    I know what you mean, You can't get a good workout during the winter and cold. Here, its been raining or windy as hell so I can't get a good sweat going during a run.
  2. actually man ive been pretty banged up with injuries(ribs,foot,knee) and on top of that ive been holding down a 9-5, that combined with the hard time ive had finding a quality team(youre only as good as the guys you train with every night) around here and the last 16 months(since my last fight when i won my belt which i had to give back since i couldnt defend it in time due to breaking a rib in training) have been pretty rough, ive trained a few guys here and there (here's a vid of one of my guys 30 second tko http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvL79CxAjEA) but im feeling healthy and its starting to warm up around here so im fixin to get pretty intense with it ive got until apr.29 so i should be ok.
  3. Yea I checked around, a lot of schools are cutting their wrestling programs but I should learn a grappling style so I can kick double the ass. I love boxing so I don't see me quitting but I don't plan to do matches in the near future(gotta finish school first.) Maybe when I go to community college and I don't have school five days a week.

    Damn, I give you props for stepping into the octagon even when the bout looks like a mismatch. How hard have you been training?
  4. yeah whats with that? i wanted to wrestle in school bad but we never went to a school that offered it(and we went to alot of schools) amatuer wrestling just isnt real popular anywhere but oklahoma and in the midwest too bad, boxing is a great martial art for sure im a big rocky marciano fan myself just stick with it boxing takes years to get good the longer you stick with it the better youll get, someone who only trains for 5 or 6 months isnt going to get very far you just gotta grind it out, have you competed yet or do you plan to? id love to do a few boxing matches thats a great sport. i dont know who ill be fighting yet but i usually get screwed with the match ups my first ever fight i fought in the main event(for some odd reason) against a guy that was 12-2 i put some heat on him early on but he eventually knocked me out and smashed my nose(landed about 9 shots before the ref seen that i was unconcious) so well see how it goes this time.
  5. Nice, your wins sound like they were hard fought and brutal, the best kind of win. Course it might seem different to you since you were the one fighting. Do keep me posted, is your opponent a tough guy?

    I do train in boxing but I don't see it going anywhere. I was interested in wrestling but my school don't offer it.
  6. hell yeah! royce gracie is a child hood hero of mine and my all time favorite fighter, what he did in the first 5 ufc's wieghing 175 lbs was nothing short of inspirational. muay thai is better suited to where mma is heading. the stand up game has evolved tremendously in the past 7 or 8 years and thats the direction its heading. the first fight i ever won was a totall war against a golden gloves boxer. he rocked my jaw with his first punch and dropped me to my knees and opened a gash under my eye and preceded to hand my ass to me for the duration of the first round but i went bret hart on his ass and managed to get him to the ground and pound him pretty good for the second and third so i won a split decision, my next two fights i dominated highly touted fighters for hard earned unanimous desicions and then i got a title shot and got the tko with a left high kick to the face followed by a few knees in the second. thanks for asking man i love telling some of my old war stories im getting ready to fight again real soon so ill keep you posted on how it goes, do you train in any martial arts?
  7. Cool, BJJ is a nice style since I like to watch submissions and Muay Thai is interesting. How did you get your four wins?
  8. brazillian ju jitsu since 06 but in the past few years ive been working on primarily muay thai
  9. So what did you train in?
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