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  1. Hahaha! But your Skins really did well under him! I hope he comes back next season at full-strength. And I know!! I'm really excited to see them in the big game, I think it's going to be a very good, close game. Let's Go Niners!
  2. Ok, so I was wrong about RGIII, so what.

    How about those 49ers?
  3. Early on Manning said he didn't want to play for the Redskins, and I'm sure Dan Snyder made a sizeable offer. But don't worry, since that trade-up you're assuredly getting RGIII! And the Texans have a good QB, I think they might go all the way to the Superbowl next season, look at how well they did with TJ Yates? He's got a lot of potential for a rookie.

    Even though you already had Rex Grossman III! :P I'll miss him being a starter.
  4. Man, I'm pissed at the Redskins for not picking up Manning. They screwed my other favorite team(Houston) because it looks like he is headed to Tennessee.

    Not only that but they traded away so much to go for Griffen III, who I think is overrated. They already put themselves in a hole with all the stupid shit they gave up for Donovan Mcnab and Albert Haynesworth. It is a scary time to be a Redskins fan man. I know that team so well, and it looks like that owner is really losing it.
  5. Football season is over now You excited for the draft!?
  6. Hell Yeah! I actually think Houston can win the Super Bowl. That game last week over Cincy was excellent. That D is on a tear. I'm glad you will be rooting for Tebow too! If Denver wins that means the AFC Championship game will be in Houston. This weekend is the dream weekend for a football fan like me. 4 unbelievable games!
  7. Oh yeah, I can't wait! I'll be honest, I like the 49ers, Texans, Baltimore, and Broncos this playoff year. The Saints, New England, and Packers annoy me, too much hype about how they're "unbeatable" and how good their QBs are, it's annoying. Especially the Pack! Go Texans! I like TJ Yates, he's been doing great for a 3rd stringer! And I can't believe they have Jeff Garcia and DelHomme on their roster the Texans, LOL
  8. Thanks for the heads up. How about those 49ers? Going to be a great game against the Saints. I'll be glued to my Texans against Baltimore. Should be fun.
  9. I might go back to it! But I might put it as my profile picture now that they changed the profile picture limitations, DONT change your profile picture if you want to keep the size!
  10. Yeah, that was a direct parody. I do that sometimes. At one time I had RedskinsRedskins under my username as a parody of CowboysCowboys' username(Redskins are the archrivals of the Cowboys, and my personal favorite sports team).

    I tried to rep you for your Joe Montana avatar like 12 times! Kept on telling me to spread the love around. That was a pretty sweet avatar, but I like your classic one as well.
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