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  1. Thanks

    Sorry, but I don't. I have the original Image Ready file, but it was made back before I got better at making these kinds of sigs. The end result, is all of the highlights for each firework flash being on one layer. So while I can turn of Jon Talbain and Smiley (all their layers are in their respective folders), their highlights are still in place. Plus, everything covered by Talbain is basically blank (no details, no highlights, etc.), so even if I deleted all of the highlights from where JT and Smiley were, I'd have to go in and finish the background details, draw in the rest of the highlights, and all of that. And at the moment, I really don't have the time to do that.
  2. Love your signature Coop! Got a version without your trademark wolf and little circle guy, just the waterfront/skyline? Very nicely done.
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