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  1. I had an old, but still sealed Antec 380W ATX power supply blow out its capacitors upon first use out of the box (and I mean this literally, there was smoke spewing out of the power supply). If this is anything to go by, I would expect the Game Gear's capacitors to be faulty too, not to the same extent, but likely either leaky or dry.
  2. Do you think it's risky to buy brand new sega items? My concern is the capacitors. They can still leak and go bad if it's new and never been used I believe. What do you think about that?
  3. No I don't. All I know is that Game Gears without a BIOS use Genesis Model 1 power supplies instead of the typical Genesis Model 2 power supply.
  4. Hey ACE! I have a question. I am looking to get a US NIB game gear from 1992 with Sonic 1 pack in. Do you know around what timeframe the gamegear got TMSS? I would like to get a non TMSS gamegear. Thanks a lot.
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