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  1. Thanks for the Rep
  2. Thanks for the Rep
  3. Thanks for the Rep! the Vectrex is indeed JAWUSUM as is Mark from Classic Game Room.
  4. Little Giants was indeed a very good movie
  5. got a chance to check al out in "little giants" over the weekend on tv, i havnt seen that in probobly 14 years or so. he was great in that movie as well! hilarious!, extra cheesy, but still hilarious
  6. I agree i have the most awesome avatar on SEGA-16
  7. dude your avatar is awesome, dont ever change it. when i read your posts i always imagine al bundy saying the things you post as im reading them, its hilarious!, especially since im a big married with children fan!
  8. I Agree it is an Awesome Guita, I also saw one made w/ a SMS that looked pretty good. Thanks for the Rep
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