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  1. well ladies and gentlemen he s back with a vengance
  2. Sup buddy, back from the dead, but what else is new right? RIGHT?sahhahahahahahahaha
  3. say are you back yet from your punishment
    didn t see you here along time
  4. uh uh ooooh you driving me crazy
    like a mashed potato like a mashed potato
    i can do the twist i can do the twist

    good song especially when i m with my girl good to dance on
  5. nowwwwww that IIIII can dannce, DANCE!, DANCE!!!! Watch me now! HUH!
  6. hanging around with my girlfriend but now im back to let you now that i can really shake em down
  7. Where have you been!
  8. alright gonna burn down another village yust for you with my firecrackers
  9. Hey yo!
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