When did you acquire your first Dreamcast?

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  1. QuickSciFi
    For me: 9-9-99. It was also the first (and only) system I've ever bought at launch. And I've been in love with the white lawnmower ever since.
  2. The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Ooh, Christmas 2002. Got it second-hand with Sonic Adventure, Resident Evil 2 and Tokyo Highway Challenge. A year later, it started playing up and died a short while later. Got another and am still collecting. Fav game on the system has to be Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.
  3. SpaceFlea
    LAUNCH! with Sonic Adventure and SoulCalibur... The only console I've ever purchased the day it was released.

    EDIT - I didn't even read the previous posts until I wrote mine... I feel like a sad echo dissipating into the distance...
  4. SegaMan89
    I got my first one in 2005 with Sonic Adventure. It was among the things that were lost in the robbery of my house . Replaced by a Sega Sports model purchased (interestingly enough) while on vacation when said robbery occured.
  5. Kogen
    2005. I was going to get one around launch, but decided to get PS2 instead (huge mistake, terrible hardware). I would have had one sooner if SEGA never pussed out.
  6. tz101
    2010. Late adopter, but I love my DC...
  7. green.eyes
    I got mine in '09
  8. Hidden_Darkness
    early 2001, I bought it for $50 from best buy.
  9. j_factor
    I got one in August 2001. At that point retailers were just starting to mark down Dreamcast inventory. After about a year I had around 60 games, which was a lot for me back then, and more games than I had for any other system. Although every system dies off eventually and gets clearanced out, Dreamcast was unique in terms of awesome deals.
  10. KitsuneNight
    early 2000 for my birthday
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