Who's your team?

  1. Nobi
    Who do you pull for on Sundays?

    I've been a Washington Redsins fan since the 91/92 season when they were burning everybody up and went 14-2 for the Super Bowl XXVI championship. I was only 7 years old, and I've been with them through the thick and the thin ever since. I'm also a Houston Texans fan, and have been one since the teams inception.

    I grew up around the Houston area where there was like a quasi rivalry with the Cowboys, so from around the same time as when I got into the Skins, I was also always rooting for the Oilers, especially in 93 when they had their best season ever(still lost in first round of the playoffs, fuckin Montana), I remember my parents always having big wild party's where everybody would get rowdy over the Oilers games that season, it was crazy. Sadly, we lost the Oilers in 97, but to tell you the truth they were gone when Warren Moon left town. The city really lost interest in that team after he left and they went 2-14.
  2. Da_Shocker
    Ironic cause imma big Titans fans.
  3. Nobi
    As big of a fan of the Skins and Texans/Oilers, I'm really just a huge fan of the league. I can appreciate every teams history, and really just root for a great game to watch(similar to the way I watch fights, I respect both competitors equally, and simply want to be entertained). No hard feelings towards the Titans, just wish they would stop bringing out the old Oilers throwbacks, would you mind?
  4. tz101
    Philadelphia Eagles. Loved them since their superbowl season in the early 80's, and I live nowhere near Pennsylvania. And, yes, they play the Redskins twice a year.
  5. The Sports Guy
    The Sports Guy
    If you can't tell from my reviews, lol - I bleed all things Detroit. Even the Lions. I don't care if they're 0-32, or whatever. I love the Lions.
  6. Nobi
    That's awesome! You got to stick with your team, no matter what. Do you by chance remember a Lions Running Back by the name of Billy Simms? He is from a nearby town where I live(East Texas), and a pretty nice guy. Thing is he was the premier running back in Detroit before Barry Sanders. He carried the Lions Offense from around 1980 to around 82/83ish. The Lions won quite a few games with Simms, but you never hear any mention of him. I seen a highlight of him in my NFL Films Super Bowl Collectors Set(one of the season highlights), he was one of the best offensive players in the league in the early 80's for sure.
  7. tz101
    Wow. You live in East Texas and root for the Redskins. You must be fairly lonely down there in Cowboy country...
  8. Nobi
    Yeah going to school was a blast, especially from around 92 to 96.
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